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Try Our Web App Refresh

Our Dev and UX teams have spent over a year, reviewing our web app and speaking with customers to learn what they love about Encircle and how we can make their jobs easier. After much consideration, long nights, and hard work, we are excited to introduce a refresh of our web app. This refresh helps Encirclers (our users) better manage their claims with the introduction of new features, improvements, and workflows. 

Why Update the Web App? 


The refresh updates the web app's UI to a more modern, cleaner look. It also introduces exciting new features such as Workflow Status, Status History, and Inbox Filtering. These are features our customers have requested to help them better manage their claims. We've also updated the web app to ensure that we can add new features faster. 



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See Your Team's Progress at a Glance


Tired of chasing down techs and service providers for updates? Use our new feature, Workflow Status, to see your team's progress on a job. Workflow Statuses are specific to three different workflows that have been included in the refresh: Mitigation, Contents, and Rebuild. Although, we've included default sub-statuses within each workflow, feel free to customize your sub-statuses to fit your business' existing processes. 


Only work on mitigation? No problemjust collapse the workflows you don't need. Even better, statuses can be updated on both the web app and on our mobile appso your team can stay up-to-date regardless of whether they're in the field or the office. 


Another exciting new feature is Status History. Clicking on the Status History reveals who updated the status, what the status was updated to, and when the status was updated. This can come in handy when you are auditing a claim. 


We have also made exciting improvements to our claim overview section. The refresh displays a new overview that shows the policyholder's information, claim details and estimates, content details, Link shares, documents, and more. It also provides a street view and a satellite view of the property. We have also made it easier to send Link by adding the option to create a document when you are provisioning Link by Encircle. Not sure what Link is? Learn more here.  

Get the Information You Need Fast


Find the information you need with Inbox Filtering. Create custom filters based on a variety of parameters such as Date Range, People (Shared Users, Adjuster, Policyholder Name, etc.), Status, and Context. Filters can be named, and there is no limit to the number you can create. 


We've also made other improvements. For instance, determining the actual cash value of items is easier. We’ve updated our depreciation table to be more contemporary with less categories overallmaking it faster to find categories that are relevant to today’s claims. And to make it even easier to manage contents on a job, we have item filtering. Find it in the spreadsheet section in the overview tab. Look for items based on their description, brand, or disposition.  


Lastly, we have improved the process for labeling items in an image. Now, just click and drag a box around the item, size it, and immediately add a description. 

Try the Refreshed Web App Today!


Try out the new features and discover how the improvements make your web app experience even better. Just login into your Encircle account and click on "Try New App" under "Account Settings" in the menu on the left. Or click "Check out our NEW Web App Refresh" in the top banner. 

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