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April 9, 2024

Introducing Markup – the latest update to Encircle Photos.

Easily Highlight Areas of Interest on Your Photos

In restoration, documentation is everything. At Encircle, we understand the importance of capturing and documenting every detail accurately and nothing does this better than photos. With the introduction of Markup, restoration contractors can now identify areas of interest and annotate directly on photos inside of Encircle, making it convenient to highlight damage caused by water, fire, and other incidents. This feature is also ideal for showing pre-existing damage and providing a comprehensive record of the property's condition.

You can markup all types of photos within Encircle, including general note photos, room overview photos, room note photos, content items, and even floor plans. This means that no matter what aspect of the property you are documenting, you can easily highlight areas of interest with just a few clicks.

See how it works!

Mobile users: Experience the convenience of Markup on-the-go with our mobile demo.

Web users: Check out Markup on your computer with our easy-to-follow web demo.

A plethora of annotation options.

There are 10 different tools available in Markup:

  1. Move: Easily reposition annotations to ensure precise placement.
  2. Crop & Rotate: Adjust the size and orientation of your photos.
  3. Freehand Draw: Draw custom shapes or highlight specific areas.
  4. Arrow: Point directly to areas of interest.
  5. Line: Draw straight lines to emphasize specific features or damage patterns.
  6. Path: Outline a specific area or trace the flow of water damage.
  7. Text: Add text annotations to provide additional context or descriptions.
  8. Rectangle: Draw rectangles around areas of interest.
  9. Circle: Draw circles around areas of interest.
  10. Blur: Obscure sensitive or personal information in a photo.

Markup is another tool that makes documenting jobs in Encircle the preferred choice for restoration contractors. Because we understand the specific requirements restoration contractors face when it comes to documentation, we build features to improve efficiency in the field. So your teams can spend less time documenting and more time restoring properties.

We are excited to bring this feature to Encircle Photos – we know it will significantly enhance your photo documentation workflow. Other reasons restorers love using Encircle for visual documentation are that photos are automatically organized and labeled by the room in which they are taken. Every photo is also auto-stamped with the time, date, user, and precise GPS coordinates to ensure they can stand up to the toughest scrutiny. And Encircle makes is so fast and easy to generate professional photo reports that tell the complete story of a property loss.

If you haven't already, make sure to update your Encircle app to access the latest features and start using Markup today.

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