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Customer communication
and e-signature tool

Connecting insurance carriers and restoration contractors to their customers.

Remote-Signature-Capture-IconGet documents signed remotely
customer-share-iconRequest photos and videos
Remote-Visability-IconAssess the loss before you deploy
encircle-simple-iconKeep everything in one place

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“We definitely have the upper hand being able to send docs electronically. It saves us time and money with travel costs,  allowing us to get in front of customers and sign off on projects a lot quicker.”

NICK HUDSON VP of Operations - Hudson Restoration

“Encircle Link cuts down on hours traveling back and forth making sure that documents, work authorizations, signatures, and photos are uploaded. Now I am able to complete more assignments.”

DERRICK BALDREE General Manager | FireStar Inc.

“We get those photos instantly, right as we're talking to the client, which helps my adjusting team get a really good sense of the damages and what they're walking into before they actually get out there.”

ALFRED DE SOUSA Vice President Claims National Field Services, Northbridge Insurance

Get eyes on the loss in seconds, directly from policyholders.

Photos, videos, and signatures at first notice of loss.
  • Instant photo and video sharing
    Get documentation shared directly from the policyholder to the job file. 
  • Document and form sharing
    Send contracts, policies, and important forms directly to the customer.
  • Create items from photos
    Get a head start on a contents inventory by listing items directly from the policyholder's photos.

Connect with your customer.
  • e-Signatures
    Capture signatures on important contracts and documents remotely.
  • Text or email communication
    Request information via email or text (or both). 
  • App-free experience
    No app needed for customers to share photos, videos, or e-signatures.

Stay organized and informed.
  • Notifications
    Get updates when the policyholder shares photos, videos, or signatures.
  • Multiple contacts
    Request photos, videos, and signatures from multiple parties.
  • Record keeping
    Everything shared will be organized in one place for easy access.

Quit wasting time chasing down signatures.

Request signatures, photos, and videos from customers before arriving on-site.
Encircle Link - Customer communication and e-signature tool, connecting insurance carriers and restoration contractors to their customers.

The Encircle edge

What you can't get anywhere else.
  • Field-first design - Documentation done right with fewer clicks.
  • Easy sharing - Easily share with teammates, subs, and adjusters.
  • No cell service? No problem! - Works even in extreme conditions.
  • Works on any device - Works on any smartphone, tablet or desktop.
  • Ultimate collaboration tool - Work together for documentation done faster.
  • Unlimited data, forever yours - Your data is yours, but kept safe without storage limits.
  • Indisputable facts - date, time, and GPS metadata for data integrity.

Build a strong connection between you and your customer.

Book a 30-minute demo and find out how Encircle Link serves as a powerful conduit to your customer.  

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Hudson Restoration reaping rewards with Encircle Link

Hudson Restoration saves time by going digital and joined Encircle in 2016. Nick Hudson, VP of Operations at Hudson commented, “Historically, Hudson was lacking the use of technology for efficiency and productivity. We were doing a lot of things manually on paper; we just weren’t with the times.”

FireStar gains remote visibility into losses with Encircle Link

Link helps FireStar understand the severity of a loss before they’re on-site, allowing them to proactively mitigate the loss. Encircle Link connects policyholders to contractors and insurance carriers via text message or email, allowing all stakeholders to work collaboratively and see the progress on the claim in real-time.

Frequently asked questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the questions we get asked most! 

Can I have my own forms and documents added to Encircle?

Yes! Encircle will transform your most important documents into digital versions and add them right to your account. These digital docs will then be available on web or mobile devices, to all users, in any job file. You can learn more about our forms service by visiting our Encircle Forms page.

Does my customer have to download the Encircle app?

Nope! Your customer will never need to download the Encircle app in order to access your documents for signing. You will simply send them a link through email or text that opens in their web browser. Because your forms are digitized in Encircle and optimized for a mobile experience, your customer will have no trouble viewing, signing, and sending your contracts and documents.

Does Encircle replace DocuSign or other e-signature softwares?

Sure does! Building your forms in Encircle and sending them to your customers via Link is all included as an Encircle customer. This means that you can eliminate the extra cost and hassle of using a separate e-signature tool and use Encircle as your all-in-one field documentation platform.