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January 29, 2020

FireStar Uses Link by Encircle to Gain Remote Visibility into Losses

Location: Norcross, GA
Founded: 1986
Industry: Restoration

Lack of visibility into the field

Link by Encircle for remote visibility and photo documentation

Able to deploy the right equipment and personnel before they’re on site

Link Helps FireStar Understand The Severity of a Loss Before They’re On Site, Allowing Them to Proactively Mitigate the Loss


A full-service mitigation company, FireStar Inc. (part of Parker Young Companies) can handle any loss from chemical spills, warehouse fires, and bio-hazardous materials to mold and water mitigation. In fact, while they employ 60 full-time staff members, that number can quickly grow to up to 200 with temporary employees when there is a major weather event or loss.

As a result, it can be difficult to manage the multiple moving parts. Getting information back from the field was especially challenging. Their contractors and technicians would take photos, notes, and readings on site, and have to return to the office to hand over their paperwork and upload the photos to internal servers. If there was a high volume of claims, it could take up to three or four days before the technicians returned to the office. As a result, paperwork was lost and photos didn’t always get uploaded.

“A picture is worth a 1000 words in this industry and if you don’t have a photograph of it, you will not get paid for it,” noted Derrick Baldree, General Manager of FireStar. Adjusters want to have the visual proof of the loss and the work completed. Consequently, FireStar needed a solution that could help facilitate getting accurate information from the field to the office and to adjusters in a timely manner.


Link by Encircle was just the solution that FireStar needed. Link connects policyholders to contractors and insurance carriers via text message or email, allowing all stakeholders to work collaboratively and see the progress on the claim in real-time.

Now when a loss comes in, the estimator calls the policyholder and explains the process step-by-step. They also send Link to the policyholder, where they can sign a work authorization remotely and FireStar can start receiving photos. FireStar uses the real-time photos to proactively plan how they’ll mitigate the loss before they’re on site. “[Link] has really helped us after hours because we’re able to see what we are walking into. And it tells me if I need to send two guys or if I need to send ten guys,” added Baldree.


“It’s cut down on the hours used traveling back and forth making sure that documents, work authorizations, signatures, and photos are uploaded and I am able to complete more assignments within the day.”



Since implementing Encircle, FireStar is able to understand the severity of a loss before they’re on site to send the right equipment and number of employees. Encircle has also helped FireStar reduce the back and forth between them and the adjusters. Firestar uses the Encircle platform to send adjusters customized reports that illustrate the severity of the loss and show that work that has been completed, with the documentation required to support their final estimate.

Encircle has also helped FireStar process jobs quicker, both in the field and in the billing department, as they are no longer waiting for data. All photos, notes, and documentation are immediately available in the Encircle platform, allowing their teams to work together regardless of location.


Get complete and consistent field documentation everytime.

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