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Deliver thorough reports with ease for every restoration claim.

Quickly generate high-quality reports that stand up to scrutiny.


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When it comes to getting paid, documentation is everything.

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The facts are
the facts.

Comprehensive reports ensure everyone understands the job details right from the start.



Create instant reports

  • Save money on countless non-billable hours
  • Generate descriptive reports with a couple of clicks
  • Decrease turnaround times to meet carrier requirements

Communicate with confidence 

  • Keep customers informed of progress
  • Impress adjusters with documentation
  • Access data from the field in real-time back at the office

Get paid in full

  • Close jobs quickly
  • Justify your invoices 
  • Make everyone’s job easier


“One great thing about Encircle is that at the click of a button, you’ve got a document on a quarter-million-dollar dry out that just screams wow.”

BRENT WERNER President | Werner Restoration Services Inc.

“The same report that took half an hour to compile with Encircle would have taken 24 hours for us to do a similar quality job.”

KEEGAN TRUDGEN Owner | PuroClean Disaster Services Read More

Reports that give you a professional edge. 


Created after your first visit – even right from the customer’s driveway – to document the details of the loss. Photos, videos, notes, and sketches help to scope and build an accurate estimate.
See sample Initial Report.


Detailed documentation describing the story and progress of a water loss, including moisture and psychrometric readings, dry standards, and equipment calculations.
See sample Hydro Report.


After completing a pack-out, Encircle can automatically generate a detailed spreadsheet or schedule of loss, including photos right in the report as clickable links.
See sample Contents Report.


The whole shebang – tells the story of the job from start to finish with all of the supporting details, including photos, videos, notes, etc.
See sample Final Report.

Let Encircle take care of the paperwork.



Frequently asked questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about:

Can I upload my Encircle reports into XactAnalysis?

Yes! Encircle Excel and PDF reports can be easily uploaded to XactAnalysis. If required, individual photos can also be downloaded from Encircle and uploaded into XactAnalysis. All media downloaded from Encircle is already labeled, greatly reducing administrative time.

Can I add other documents to the Encircle report?

Any documents (e.g. subcontractor invoices, test results, MICA report, Xactimate estimate) can be uploaded to Encircle and attached to the Encircle PDF report. Many restoration contractors do this to keep all of the documentation from a job together in one place, in a format that is easy to share at a moment’s notice.

How do I send my Encircle report to a TPA or adjuster?

Reports can be sent directly by email from Encircle on the web or from the mobile app. Reports can also be uploaded into an external system like XactAnalysis.

How do I send my Encircle report to a customer?

We recommend emailing the Encircle report to your customer. Customer contact information is already in the file, making this quick and easy to do.

Does Encircle have insurance carrier reports?

Yes, Encircle has a growing library of carrier-specific reports. These include contents listings, inspection reports, and signable documents. If the report that you need isn’t there, we can work with you to have it added to the database.

Is the Encircle PDF file too big to send by email?

The Encircle PDF reports contain thumbnails with clickable HTML links to view each photo and video. This keeps the file size down so that the report can be easily emailed without worrying about exceeding attachment limits. Clicking on the HTML links allows the viewer to look at the photos and videos in a larger format, zoom in/out, and even download the image.

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