See how restoration contractors and service providers are using Encircle to increase productivity, decrease cycle times, and improve profitability.

Ideal San Francisco Leverages Software Integrations to Improve the Client Experience

Combining the Encircle all-in-one, field documentation solution with their preferred office management software, they were able to automatically sync data from the field to the office staff and provide real-time visibility into the progress on a client’s claim.

911 Restoration Successfully Uses Encircle for Large Contents Claim Just 1 Day After Training

Leveraging EncircleU, Chad can upskill his team and train new employees as soon as they come onboard, equipping them with the tools they need to be the most trustworthy and professional restorer in the state of Arkansas.

PuroClean Northwest’s Ingenuity Solves Challenge of Dispersed Admin Team

Using Zapier, a third-party tool that allows non-developers to set-up integrations between the web applications they are already using, Melissa was able to point, click, and integrate all of her systems thanks to Encircle’s Zapier app.

Encircle helps Premier Restoration Hawaii instantly share field data with the office

The field team and the office team work together in harmony. Gone are the days chasing for uploads to the cloud. Encircle is heavily favored on both sides of Premier’s operations. 

Great Technology Drives Great Documentation

Paul Davis Restoration and Remodelling of Suburban Maryland and Washington improved their customer experience, significantly improved their compliance scores, and reduced cycle times from 100 days to 40. 

Increasing Work Capacity Through Technology Rather Than Brute Force

Using Xcelerate Software and Encircle solutions, Restoration 1 of North Fort Worth provides a positive customer experience through organization and communication.

Reporting Made Easy With Encircle

We sat down with Brent Werner, President of Werner Restoration Services Inc - a full-service restoration contractor in Colona, Illinois, to hear his take on the benefits of using Encircle.

Reaping the Rewards of Efficiency with Encircle

Since implementing Encircle, Hudson is saving a significant amount of time and gaining a competitive edge. Learn how they save time by going digital.

Growing a ServiceMaster Franchise with Encircle

Having processes in place that make their jobs easier and faster is paramount to the ServiceMaster Brantford team. Learn why they use Encircle on every claim.

Customer Spotlight: CDRG+RedTeam

CDRG+RedTeam talks about how Encircle has helped them reduce cycle times and consistently hit KPIs.

Efficiencies improved using Encircle

QFB has been able to improve their processes and create consistency across their jobs as a result of using Encircle. 

Encircle Helps Paul Davis London Close the Communication Gap Between Field Technicians and Office Staff

With the improved communication between field technicians and office admins, Paul Davis London is now able to document more losses, more efficiently.

Customer Spotlight: Belfor London

Phil Scott of Belfor, shares how the new Encircle Moisture tool is helping them create comprehensive moisture reports and documentation, helping them reduce cycle times.

Encircle Helps PuroClean Disaster Services of Chicago Impress Carriers with Comprehensive Reports

PuroClean Disaster Services sets themselves apart from their competitors with solid documentation.

FireStar Inc. Uses Encircle to Gain Remote Visibility into Losses

Since implementing Encircle, FireStar is able to understand the severity of a loss before they’re on site to send the right equipment and number of employees.

Encircle Streamlines Documentation During Hurricane Harvey

Encircle helped JC Restoration bridge the gap between their field and office teams with real-time communication, allowing all stakeholders to work collaboratively on the claims.

Superior Restoration - DKI Improves Insurance KPI Scores

Since launching Encircle, Superior Restoration - DKI is closing claims quickly, getting paid faster by insurance companies, and processing more claims.

Claims Processed Faster at Fort McMurray with Encircle

Documenting a catastrophe can be intimidating. Restoration contractors decreased claim documentation time from 24 hours to 1 hour with Encircle

PuroClean Provides High-Touch Customer Service

PuroClean is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service. With Encircle, Puroclean saw improved collaboration and increased the speed of information sharing.

First General Increases Customer Rating with Encircle

First General Hamilton-Burlington exceeded insurance company KPIs after deploying Encircle resulting in being named a top contractor for claim settlement times.

Paul Davis Achieves Game-Changing Results

Paul Davis Kitchener saw a 250% efficiency increase after launching Encircle. By streamlining processes and automating workflows, project manager capacity increased by $1M per year.


Insurance companies rely on Encircle to create transparency, improve accuracy, and drive collaboration across the claims process to deliver a positive customer experience while connecting the ecosystem on an easy-to-use platform.

Administrative Strategies, LLC Improves Response Rates with Encircle

Link by Encircle helps Administrative Strategies reduce the time from initial contact to payment advance—improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.