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February 19, 2024

55% faster estimates: A third-party estimator's win with AfterShock and Encircle

AfterShock Customer Story

Leesburg, Florida
Founded: 2022
Industry: Full Service Mitigation & Restoration


55% faster estimates: From 45 mins to just 20.

Detailed accuracy: Full-house flood estimate completed in 20 minutes with impressive detail.

Effortless workflow: 109 admin hours saved.

Less adjuster follow-up: More time for restoration work, less time on the phone.

A third-party estimator’s secret to faster, more accurate estimates

Myriam Walker from Administrative Consultants of Florida understands the essentials of property restoration: speed and accuracy in estimates are non-negotiable. Partnering with AfterShock Clean Team, she brought in Encircle Floor Plan, a decision that amplified their operational efficiency from day one. Myriam's choice was clear: "I'm able to get their estimates out faster than others."

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CHALLENGE: Tackling restoration workflow inefficiency

The old way of manually sketching out floor plans often felt like navigating through a maze of inaccurate maps for Myriam.

"There were times when the dimensions didn't add up when sketching by hand. By the time I finished the sketch, I would look at it and wonder, "What in the world is that?" It was because I was inputting the dimensions I was given, and often, it didn't work out due to technicians who were new to sketching.”

On top of that, coordinating with technicians and uploading documents to Dropbox for Xactimate was a headache. Myriam knew there had to be a faster way to nail down estimates without all the hassle.

Manually sketching floor plans.

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SOLUTION: Simplifying estimates with Encircle

Led by Myriam, AfterShock's switch to Encircle was more than just an upgrade; it was a commitment to modernizing their restoration processes. Myriam explains the change: "Using Encircle’s Floor Plan was solely my decision... It sped up the time it took for me to send an estimate out." This strategic move brought much-needed efficiency and accuracy to their operations.

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RESULTS: Quicker estimates and smoother operations

55% faster estimates: Myriam saw how fast things could move. "A whole house estimate could take me 45 minutes before; now it's about 20 minutes."

Detailed accuracy for large projects: Myriam recalls her first large-scale project with Encircle Floor Plan:

Encircle Floor Plan + Xactimate.

Myriam Walker
"The first time I imported a Floor Plan into Xactimate for an entire house flood, it took about 20 minutes. I was amazed at how detailed it was."


Effortless workflow: Myriam made her workflow more efficient by setting up estimates in the CRM system and Xactimate while the emergency work was ongoing. This smart approach saved 109 admin hours and had the estimates finished as soon as the emergency work was finished.

Less adjuster follow-up: The efficiency gain is clear. "I'm able to produce estimates quickly, so everybody's happy." Less time on the phone, more time on actual restoration work.

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Taking field documentation to the next level

Myriam and AfterShock Clean Team are planning to explore more of Encircle's tools, with their sights set on Hydro and Contents next. This move is all about making their documentation process simpler and their restoration workflow smoother, keeping everything in one place instead of all over the place. As Myriam puts it, 'I don't see why you wouldn't want to make your job easier.'

But it's not just about making their work faster. Insurance adjusters and carriers have noticed their professional and accurate documentation, which is helping boost AfterShock’s reputation in the restoration industry.

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Encircle Hydro & Contents.



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