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Your most important forms digitized.

Never lose important paperwork again with your own custom digital forms.



Forms at your fingertips. 

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Access critical documents 
whenever, wherever.

Send Encircle your paper documents and we will turn them into interactive digital forms.

  • Work authorization
  • Certificate of completion
  • Release of liability
  • Disposal authorization
  • Assignment of benefits
  • Change order

Transform your forms 

  • Encircle creates custom forms for you
  • Forms are accessible on web and mobile
  • Available to all users in your Encircle account

Capture critical info

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Request signatures remotely 
  • Forms auto-populate with job details

your digital




Digital transformation with Encircle

Frequently asked questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about:

I’m already an Encircle customer, how can I get my forms added to my account?

If you’re already an Encircle customer, send your forms in PDF or MS Word to today to start taking advantage of fast and reliable digitized documents on all your jobs.

How long does it take to have my forms added to Encircle?

Once we receive your form, it will be added to the queue to be digitized. We hard-code every form to ensure an optimal mobile experience, so depending on the complexity of your form, the turnaround time will range from 1-4 weeks.

How can I get the homeowner to sign a form?

It is easy to have homeowner’s sign your forms through Encircle. You can either send them a Link via text or email which they can access on their mobile device and sign remotely. You will then receive a notification that the document has been signed. Or alternatively, if you’re on site with the homeowner, you can open the form in the Encircle app and have them sign directly on your mobile device. You can learn more about Encircle Link by visiting our remote document signing page.

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