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Encircle u Training Field and Office Staff trained fast and effectively

Educating restorers to go into jobs with confidence

One of the key challenges you face as a restorer is high employee turnover and technical training.

  • How do you find and keep knowledgeable techs?
  • What are the risks to your business when mistakes are made?
  • When you can’t hire experienced staff, how can you train them quickly to do the job right?
Live training is often overwhelming for one sitting, providing too much information at once to be retained and keep techs engaged. It’s also an inefficient process to invest in—attendance is often impacted by absences and you can’t reasonably time it for new hires.

When you use Encircle’s Field Documentation Solution (FDS),
your team now has access to EncircleU at no cost

EncircleU provides a world class online learning experience for your technicians.

  • It greatly improves the time to value using Encircle
  • Onboards them onto technology with confidence
  • Helps them master field documentation best practices
  • Allows them to participate in continuous learning from top trainers and thought leaders in restoration
  • Offers IICRC credit courses

EncircleU offers your restoration business:

flexible training

Flexible training

allowing your staff to train at any time that’s convenient


Short training lessons

that can be completed in small pockets of time without interfering with business operations.


Standardized training

ensure that training is standardized across your staff, with each new hire onboarded straight away.


Practical & engaging courses

with interactive modules, including app simulation exercises and quizzes to test their knowledge.


An easy to navigate platform

that makes learning simple and remembers where each user left off.


Continuous learning

opportunities as new courses are added. Plus, you can repeat a previous course at any time.

Using EncircleU, you can monitor the progress of your technicians and increase compliance with best practices in the field.

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