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Outsource property restoration estimates to Encircle third-party estimator partners.

Save time, decrease stress, and grow a more profitable restoration business
by leaning on always-available estimate writing experts.

Say goodbye to estimating (and documentation) headaches.

Finding skilled estimators is tough, especially for small to midsize restoration contractors. With Encircle Estimating Partners, you can trust your estimates to experienced pros.
Plus, with a field documentation solution like Encircle, you have confidence that your estimates are always backed by proof to maximize profitability.

Free up your time to focus on what matters most
– growing your restoration business.


2023 RIA Winner for estimating. We write estimates with speed, precision, and professionalism for residential & commercial of all sizes, scopes, and damage types, including fire, water, wind, mold, and more.

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We understand that property losses are stressful.Our team writes & handles communication with the insurance company through the end to ensure you receive payment.

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Claims Delegates, led by industry leader Andrew G. McCabe with 22 years of experience.Our team, proficient in restoration processes and construction, provides clean, detailed, and defensible estimates to enhance your restoration profits.

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Full stack water / fire / rebuild / claims defense. 24hr delivery. Average 15% additional revenue per job with full QuickCheck service. 20+ years estimating experience.

50% off 1st 3 Jobs.
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Let TotalContentz write your contents estimates and/or review your estimates prior to submitting. We also offer training to show you how to write concise, transparent estimates which justify your charges.

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Where real world experience makes a difference! RMS estimators all have 10+ years of field experience. Don't settle for a trained desk estimator. Our estimators deliver best of class knowledge!

1st Mitigation Estimate
under $20k is free!

Water Mitigation & Restoration Xactimate Estimates 2 to 3 business day turnaround, rush options available.

3 residential files for FREE for new SFY & Encircle clients!

With over $1.6 Billion of processed estimates, Fair-Line’s award-winning services provide you with fair, accurate & professional estimates.
Two business day turnaround. Average cost of $35.00/estimate various pricing & subscription options designed to suit your business model.


“When it comes to writing a good estimate, Encircle is making our lives a thousand times easier.”

NATE CISNEY Restoration Made Simple

“There is nothing out there that competes in this industry that is as comprehensive or as easy to use as Encircle in the field. It has everything you could ever need to capture documentation. And in this industry, your money is directly tied to your documentation."

KARENA GEORGE Xact Mitigation Consultants

“When our clients use Encircle, we can rely on comprehensive documentation, allowing us to assess losses from a distance, gain a clear understanding of the scope, and quickly turnaround accurate estimates.”

BOBBY PAINE Epic Estimates

4 tips for working with third-party estimators


Be specific about scope.
Ensure field technicians give detailed, accurate descriptions of the work scope to third-party estimators for precise estimates.


Include a variety of visuals.
Supplement scope information with photos, videos, and a floor plan to provide context and details for more accurate estimating.


Go digital.
Transition from pen and paper to digital documentation using smartphones and property restoration software for clearer, more efficient communication.


Trust Your techs.
Communicate the importance of data collection to your technicians and trust & empower them to prioritize documentation while managing customer relations on-site.

Encircle standardizes field documentation processes.

Capture everything needed to get the best possible estimates.
Start with a sketch.

Every estimate requires a sketch with accurate measurements. Encircle Floor Plan delivers consistent, reliable sketches from the field, FAST. And with a direct integration into Xactimate, third-party estimators have the visual representation and dimensions they need to get the estimate started on Day 1.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Leave no stone unturned and no line item undocumented. Encircle makes it easy to capture photos in the field – automatically organized by room, with time, date, and GPS metadata to back it all up. Take it one step further with a walkthrough video that shares the full context of the loss with your third-party estimator.


Put it all together.

Encircle provides one centralized location for all of your job documentation. You can easily share the file with a third-party estimator, so they can see updates in real-time. Or with the click of a button, you can put everything into one comprehensive report that your estimator can use to create a detailed and accurate estimate.


Get complete and consistent field documentation, every time.

Book a 30-minute demo to learn how Encircle can help you get faster, more accurate estimates.