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Watch restoration experts Kris Rzesnoski and Lorne McIntyre as they discuss the importance of proper equipment placement and utilization, and what factors can impact your drying process that will either help or hurt your drying strategy.


Watch Kris Rzesnoski and Norris Gearhart as they discuss the proper application of equipment in restorative drying applications and deodorization projects.




How To set your Field Team Up for Success in 2020

Watch Rick Dobrowney, Training and Onboarding Coach at Encircle, as he explains how to set up your field team for success and crush your KPIs.


Scope Review

Watch as restoration expert, Kris Rzesnoski, reviews a scope of a basement flood that quickly expanded into multiple floors and difficult working conditions.


Know Where Moisture Travels: The Importance of Dew Point and Temperature

Join Kris Rzesnoski as he discusses how temperature affects dew point and how to prevent moldy situations.


Bridging Communication Gaps while Managing Claims

Join David Carroll, Director of Sales at Encircle, as he discusses why instant shareable reports are the norm and how top-notch documentation helps you impress your customers.


Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Join our restoration expert, Kris Rzesnoski, to learn the common estimating mistakes and how you can avoid them with an accurate scope.


Liability: Your Hidden Commodity

Your business deals in risky situations every day that can cost you money. That means you can make more money if you understand how to manage risk and reduce liabilities. In this webinar, Encircle’s Kris Rzesnoski, CR, WLS, shares how to make trade-offs between risk and revenue.

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How Restorers Can Recover Lost Dollars

When margins are thin, every dollar counts. Encircle’s Kris Rzesnoski, CR, WLS, shares how restorers can effectively use scoping, change orders, and supplemental billing to recover lost dollars and increase profitability.