Reduce Cycle Time.

Documentation and Productivity Tools for Insurance and Restoration


Connecting the Claims Process

Encircle is transforming the property and casualty insurance industry. With industry-leading web and mobile tools, policyholders, insurers, and services providers are connected on a single platform creating a streamlined claims process.


Reduce your Cycle Time

Instantly connect the field and office on a single, digital platform. No waiting for paperwork, emails, or faxes.


Customer Satisfaction

Process claims and inspections faster while providing more visibility and communication to your customers. 



Build trust with stakeholders and customers by making it easy to gather, share, and access information.


Control your Workflow

Proactively manage your workflow by reducing administrative burden and unnecessary tasks to drive efficiency and cost-savings. 




Features of the Encircle Platform

  • Photo, Video, Note Capture

  • Remote Visibility

  • Contents/Inventory Listing

  • Scoping

  • Sketch

  • Moisture and Psychrometrics

  • Automated Report Generation

  • Custom Forms and Documents

  • Digital Signature Capture

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Gain Remote Visibility

Real-time visual workflows allow you to see the severity of a loss without having to leave your office.

  • Instant photo, video, and note capture
  • Empower policyholders and adjusters to document a loss with Encircle Link
  • Remote document sharing and signature capture

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Eliminate Pen & Paper Processes

Easy-to-use, intuitive web and mobile tools that generate powerful results.

  • Sketch, moisture, psychrometric tracking, and scoping
  • Customized forms and documents
  • Automatic report generation

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Single Source of Information

Access and share the information you need, when you need it on a single platform.

  • Work in parallel by accessing information saved in a central location
  • Access your data from anywhere, at any time
  • Secure, compliant, and safe

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#1 FREE Home Inventory App

Quickly and accurately document the contents of a property for FREE using your mobile device.

  • Designed for homeowners, up to 2 properties
  • Photo, video, and note documentation
  • One-click PDF and Excel reports
  • No advertisements or hidden costs

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