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Accurate estimates on day 1, without any back-and-forth

Estimate writing becomes faster and easier with all the info you need, right from the source.

New Encircle Floor Plan + Xactimate sketch integration!

Save days in your estimating process by importing your Encircle floor plans into Xactimate for instant sketches!


All documentation. One application.


Encircle takes the pain out of documenting with an easy-to-use mobile app that was designed to be used in the field. Get more consistent field data, access it in real-time, and easily find the info you need.

Use Encircle to document…

water-damage-iconWater damage
Capture critical water job details in a simple and guided workflow. Show the drying plan, monitor progress, get alerts and guidance if things are going off track, and justify the work with Encircle Hydro.
fire-smoke-iconFire and smoke
Tell the story of a fire loss from initial site inspection through to rebuild, within one Encircle file. Leverage features like video walkthrough, Encircle Floor Plan, and reports to get all parties on the same page.
mold-remediation-iconMold remediation
Meet regulatory standards for mold jobs with custom forms and consistent processes. Document every detail and keep all parties up-to-date with fast and easy reports.
Save days in the field inventorying and packing out personal property. Contents managers operate more efficiently with Encircle’s simple and repeatable contents workflow.
biohazard-iconBiohazard cleanup
Get your teams in and out of hazardous sites as fast as possible. With a mobile app designed to minimize clicks and maximize efficiency, Encircle won’t slow you down in the field.
Dispersed teams and high job volumes after CATs require technology that keeps you connected and in-the-know. Amidst the chaos, Encircle delivers reliability in these extreme situations.

Get the facts from the field, faster.

Superior scoping.

Leave no stone unturned and no billable detail undocumented, with Encircle’s mitigation and rebuild scoping sheets (Xactimate macros included!). Plus, get everyone on the same page from the start, with our video walkthrough feature.



Sketches without scribbles.

Start your estimate on day 1, and stop deciphering and digitizing hand-drawn sketches. Encircle Floor Plan delivers consistent, reliable sketches from the field, FAST.

Centralized information.

Access the information you need as soon as it is captured, with Encircle’s real-time sync. A central, single source of truth takes the guesswork out of estimate-writing, and reduces the back-and-forth between teams.


Complete and consistent field documentation, every time.

Book a 30-minute demo to learn how Encircle can help you get faster, more accurate estimates.

Frequently asked questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the questions we get asked most! 

Isn’t Encircle just for taking photos?

No! Encircle is much more than a photo app. Encircle provides everything a restoration contractor needs for complete field documentation together in one app. Photos, videos, notes, floor plans, contents, moisture readings, e-signatures, digital documents, and more. All of this inputs into reports that can be generated in minutes with all of the job details to document the loss, justify the work that was done, and get paid without pushback.

How many people can be working in a file at once?

We know that there are a lot of systems out there that only allow one person at the time to work in the job file, but Encircle isn’t one of them. Anyone with access to the job file in Encircle can be working in it, so multiple technicians can be documenting a loss in the field and at the same time, the PM, estimator, or office admin can be in the file back at the office and monitor what’s happening in real-time – making your job documentation much faster and more efficient.

Does Encircle have insurance carrier reports?

Yes, Encircle has a growing library of carrier-specific reports. These include contents listings, inspection reports, and signable documents. If the report that you need isn’t there, we can work with you to have it added to the database.

Can I add other documents to the Encircle reports?

Any documents (e.g. subcontractor invoices, test results, MICA report, Xactimate estimate) can be uploaded to Encircle and attached to the Encircle PDF report. Many restoration contractors do this to keep all of the documentation from a job together in one place, in a format that is easy to share at a moment’s notice.

Can I have my own forms and documents added to Encircle?

Yes! Encircle will transform your most important documents into digital versions and add them right to your account. These digital docs will then be available on web or mobile devices, to all users, in any job file. You can learn more about our forms service by visiting our Encircle Forms page.

Is Encircle Floor Plan compatible with Xactimate?

We know how important it is for you to get your floor plans into Xactimate. Currently, you can import any floor plan into Xactimate as an underlay to create a sketch in under 5 minutes. Our lightning fast delivery of your floor plan within 6 hours or less allows you to start your estimates faster than if you were waiting 24-48 hours (or more) to receive an ESX file back. We are actively working on a solution that will allow floor plans to be automatically converted into an Xactimate sketch, as part of our Verisk integration.

Does Encircle have an Xactimate Integration?

In early 2023, Encircle and Verisk announced integration plans to seamlessly send data between XactAnalysis/Xactimate and Encircle. The integration will bridge the information gap between restorers, independent adjusters, managed repair networks, and carriers and increase the speed of full-cycle claims management and property loss estimating.