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August 2, 2022

Shamrock Restoration rises to top using Encircle app's video feature

Shamrock Restoration rises to the top using video with Encircle app
Location: Delray Beach, Florida
Founded: 2017
Industry: Full service restoration company specializing in water, fire and mold mitigation.

Delays in approvals and payment.

Sharing video in Encircle on Day 1.

Day one approvals & easier communication with adjusters.

Using Encircle for video on Day 1, Shamrock paints a clear-cut story of the loss & the work that needs to be done - the "ultimate justification."


With years of experience in the restoration industry, the team at Shamrock Restoration aims to help those who have suffered property damage get their lives back to normal.

Knowing precisely what documentation insurance companies require to settle claims helps Shamrock guide their customers steadily through the entire process. A well-documented restoration process means smooth communication between all parties and faster insurance claim settlements.

But capturing solid documentation from the field can prove quite challenging. Job sites can be chaotic, and finding a tool that makes capturing data on the go simpler for restorers? Easier said than done.

Fortunately, Shamrock Restoration has a secret weapon.


Shamrock Restoration harnesses the power of video in all of their Day 1 reports using the Encircle field documentation app. These videos can be quickly and easily sent to customers, third party administrators, and insurance adjusters, bridging the communication gap that often exists in the property claims ecosystem.

Whereas regular video cannot be uploaded to XactAnalysis, or larger file sizes may restrict emailing, embedding video in an Encircle report is simple:

Shoot, share, and soup-up your documentation.

Shamrock CEO Johnny Mackey touts just how easy it is to capture videos using the Encircle field documentation app, “we're not tech savvy people and when you try to just take and send a video on your phone, it's always too big to send. If it's implemented into an Encircle report, the way the reports are condensed, I can send it to anyone. It never bounces back. It's easy to use.”

Mackey asserts that using video in addition to pictures—especially on Day 1 initial inspections—has had a dramatically positive impact on his business, painting a clear and indisputable picture of the loss to all parties.

“Video cuts down on the need for interpretation. When you have a video from the restorer’s point of view, walking through and explaining the whole job, it eliminates confusion and gets everybody on the same page right away.”


By adding video into the mix, Shamrock Restoration has noticed other improvements to their business. Mackey says his business has improved their score in the Contractor Connection network, going from average, middle-of-the-pack, to this year being recognized as 8th in the entire network in the US, and 2nd in the Southeast region.

“As far as rankings and vendor programs, we weren't quite closing jobs out fast enough before. Our documentation wasn't as clear and concise as it needed to be. Upon implementing the videos, we saw a dramatic increase in how fast we could get jobs done, which turned into us getting more business. It's been unbelievable.”

Even the most stringent reviewers have provided Shamrock with positive feedback. When they receive Encircle reports with embedded video, it drastically cuts down the hours spent reviewing the claim, trying to piece together what happened.

“Clear, concise pictures and videos from Day 1 ensure that everyone is on the same page about what has happened and what needs to take place to properly restore the property."

Being able to clearly represent what’s going on at the job site, and where and how the damage has occurred really speeds the entire process up. As a result, Shamrock is able to attain approvals quickly, take on more jobs, and get paid faster.

“If you’re not leveraging video, you're probably spending way too much time trying to justify your work, dealing with too much back and forth. One video can get everybody on the same page instantly. For us, video has streamlined every single job, a project manager's best friend. Video is the ultimate justification,” Mackey quips.

Adding videos has future-prepped Shamrock Restoration. Documentation requirements are only increasing and the expectations for RC's on vendor programs are getting higher. With Encircle, Shamrock Restoration is equipped with the right field documentation platform to drive future growth and success.

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