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Souped-up software for serious contents listings.

Add profits to your pack-outs with a more efficient inventory app.



The fastest way to process contents.

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Efficiency in the field

  • Unlimited users working at the same time
  • Eliminate delays in getting data to the office
  • Ability to work without an internet connection

Organization in the office

  • Sort and view photos, descriptions, and box details 
  • Create photo reports of non-restorable contents for customer sign-off
  • Create visual inventory listings and schedule of loss reports in minutes

Accuracy all-around

  • No more illegible handwriting or lost paperwork
  • Eliminate having to transcribe items line by line
  • Stop downloading, sorting, and labelling hundreds of photos




“Our insurance partners are always impressed with our detailed reports and content pricing. Encircle saves us hours of work with impressive results.”

KYLA HARPER Office Manager| PuroClean Restoration Barrie

Handle contents with confidence.


Capture data 

  • Add item photos
  • Enter details, descriptions and dispositions
  • Find replacement values
  • Assign to a box

Communicate better

  • Keep on track of boxes per room
  • Search for items
  • View contents in different boxes
  • Look up box locations

Create polished reports

  • Customizable listing reports
  • Interactive Excel reports
  • HTML links to each photo
  • Built-in, carrier-specific SOLs

Come for contents,
stay for the rest.

Encircle has everything you need for complete field documentation.



Frequently asked questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about:

How is this different from the other contents apps out there?

Unlike other contents apps, Encircle has been built with the field user in mind to make it easy to get in and quickly list and pack-out contents using any smartphone (iOS or Android) or tablet, regardless of the job size or internet connection. With multiple users able to work in the file at the same time, a pack-out can move quickly, saving you hours or even days in the field. And all of this field data is automatically synced and immediately available back at the office for your team to generate robust reports in minutes that make you look good to your customers and adjusters. And remember, Encircle isn’t just for contents! Encircle is an all-in-one solution so you get everything you need for field documentation – photos, videos, notes, sketch, moisture readings, and remote document signing.

How many people can be working in the file at the same time?

We know that there are contents apps out there that only allow one person at the time to work in the job file, but Encircle isn’t one of them. We know that just isn’t practical in the field, so we ensure that anyone with access to the job file in Encircle can be working in it. So multiple people can be processing items on the job site at the same time and it all gets automatically synced and organized in real-time and is available for anyone back at the office to see.

What if I use temporary workers or subcontractors for my contents processing?

When you become an Encircle customer, you can add as many users as you need, so if you have temporary workers or subcontractors, you can provide them with their own log-in for access to the Encircle app and remove them from your account when they are finished.

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