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March 18, 2024

Simplify your site work: Encircle’s hassle-free field documentation

Your reality: document or discount

Field documentation might not be why you ventured into restoration, but it's now as crucial as the restoration work itself. Skipping on paperwork means not just risking profits but also courting headaches with adjusters and insurance carriers.

Embrace tech for easier restoration

Accurate documentation equals smoother payments. You're in the business of fixing, restoring, and being the calm after the storm. Paperwork shouldn't add to the chaos.

Ronuk Raval, Encircle’s CTO, puts it simply: "We observed, learned, and innovated. We designed our app to fit seamlessly into your workflow.”

Encircle simplifies documentation by breaking down each job by structure, room, and detail. It's intuitive, easy to learn, and makes sure that everyone, from full-timers to temporary staff, can start efficiently without extensive training.



Features that fit your needs in the field

Floor Plan: your on-site sketching sidekick

We know measuring and sketching by hand isn’t anyone’s favorite task. That's where our Floor Plan feature comes into play. Imagine mapping out a property with just your phone, while someone else snaps photos. This isn't just a timesaver; it's a game-changer, allowing your team to start estimates on Day 1.

Easy documentation with Encircle for restoration pros

Seamless integration with Xactimate

Taking it a step further, our integration with Xactimate translates these floor plans into sketches ready for your estimate file. This not only halves the time spent sketching but also makes sure that every detail is accounted for.


Real world impact: “Encircle has cut sketching time in half so we can hit twice as many jobs in a day than what we'd have in the past.”

Garrett Norvelle, Operations Manager, Rainbow Restoration

Hydro: your water mitigation wingman

Water damage restoration requires meticulous attention to detail. This is where Hydro steps in — your digital checklist for water mitigation. From the initial setup to every additional site visit, Hydro makes sure every job stays on track.

Its intuitive interface guides your crew through equipment setup and moisture readings, streamlining the drying process and making sure you have all the documentation needed to get paid without pushback.

Encircle enables easy documentation with restoration pros



“As badly as we wanted to go paperless, there just wasn't a system out there for us to do that. So we were thrilled when the process and procedures that we had on paper matched almost exactly what was outlined in the app."

John Woods, Owner-operator, Crossroads Property Rescue

Smarter Contents management

Lost or mishandled contents can jeopardize your relationship with the policyholder and cause major delays in the claims process. Encircle's Contents feature revolutionizes how you manage items, from on-site capture to efficient packouts. With the ability to quickly document item details and conditions, and even calculate replacement costs, you're equipped to handle claims more accurately and professionally. Plus, our seamless Contents reports create transparency and trust with all parties involved, making your job easier.

Easy documentation with restoration pros using Encircle

Real world impact: “We use it daily and it’s worth every penny. Encircle has increased profitability on contents jobs by 20%. Adjusters look at the report, comment on how amazing it is, and hand over the cheque—no questions asked.”

Nicole Stone, Office Manager, Rytech Ventura

Partnership that pays off

Our dedication to innovation, backed by real-world feedback, makes sure that we're always moving forward — together. Dive into the advantages these features offer and see how they can transform your documentation process.

Join us at our upcoming "Encircle Show + Tell" event to experience these innovations firsthand and learn how we can help you achieve even greater success in your restoration projects.


Get complete and consistent field documentation everytime.

Learn how Encircle can help you and your field teams ease the documentation burden.