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August 16, 2023

Why you should consider a digital tool for moisture documentation

Successful water mitigation isn’t just about drying a building — it’s also about capturing the documentation that will justify the work that was done to get paid.

Don’t just dry it, justify it.

If you’re a restoration contractor doing program work for an insurance carrier or as part of a managed repair network, you’re all too familiar with the increasingly strict requirements when it comes to moisture documentation. But even if you’re a restoration contractor who isn't doing program work, you are almost certainly experiencing the pain as well — with pushback, third party reviews, and payment delays caused by insufficient documentation to justify your estimates.

What is required moisture documentation?

Well beyond photos and notes, moisture documentation tracks drying progress and shows the effectiveness of the equipment on site.

A complete moisture report will include the following:

  1. Cause/source of loss, class & category of loss
  2. Size, quantity, location, and duration of all drying equipment
  3. Moisture readings for each affected area:
    1. Daily temperature & humidity readings
    2. Daily moisture content readings of wet materials
    3. Drying goals for wet materials (aka dry standards)
    4. Daily dehu readings
  4. Moisture map

Over 70% of restoration contractors report that they continue to use pen & paper drying logs and moisture maps to document their water jobs, resulting in delays in getting the data from field to office to monitor drying progress and preventing timely communication with stakeholders. Not to mention that drying logs are frequently incomplete or go missing. Without the documentation, you can’t justify the line item on the estimate. Bye-bye profitability!

Purchasing a digital drying log & moisture mapping tool is an option, but most software lacks the reliability and usability required for field use, so field teams inevitably fall back to pen & paper workflows.

RCs need a digital moisture documentation tool that will take paper out of their field process and get every water job set up for success from day one.

  • Something that field teams can actually use in the field.
  • Something that will provide managers who aren’t on the job site with access to data in real-time.
  • Something that will make sure that the documentation is complete to justify the mitigation invoice.

Encircle Hydro is the only paperless moisture documentation app that puts an end to pushback and protects profitability on every water job. The Hydro mitigation workflow helps field teams work together to thoroughly document jobs and surface that data in real-time for faster decision making.

  1. Field Teams follow a consistent process on every water job.
  2. Managers make informed decisions about drying strategies in real-time.
  3. Estimators can justify mitigation line items with trustworthy documentation right from the source.

Get complete and consistent field documentation everytime.

Learn how Encircle can help you and your field teams ease the documentation burden.