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November 27, 2023

3 key reports every restorer needs

Reports are an excellent way to keep customers, adjusters and any other stakeholders informed and on the same page. If your reports are organized, informative, and sent at the right moments throughout the job, this can help to differentiate your property restoration business from the competition. Read on to find out the 3 key reports that every restorer needs.

#1 Preliminary Report

The Preliminary Report (also sometimes called the ‘Initial’ or ‘24-hour’ report) is the most commonly used report by Encircle customers. Here’s what you need to know about it:

  • It’s typically created and shared within the first 12-24 hours of the initial loss. Using Encircle, it can be created from a mobile device while still on site - that’s why some restorers call it the driveway report 😊
  • It includes details like photos, videos, cause of loss, pre-existing damages, scope of work to build the estimate, sketches, and more. With Encircle, the report is automatically created in less than 2 mins, with just a couple of clicks, and is easily shared via email.
  • The output should be detailed and organized, to get off on the right foot with stakeholders. Encircle’s reports are designed to look professional and are interactive (photos are clickable/expandable, include date, time, and GPS stamps, videos can be played, and links can be clicked).


Scroll through the report linked to see a sample Encircle Preliminary report. Note that other documents, like work authorizations or site safety inspections can be attached to the report as well.

#2 Schedule of Loss Report

The Schedule of Loss (SoL) report provides an organized view and visual information of the damaged contents from a claim. This type of report can provide clarity for an adjuster and reduce their admin burden, making you their new favorite contractor!

  • The SoL is created after gathering information from the contents team(s) about the different items and their dispositions (restorable, non-restorable, etc.)
  • This report is often a spreadsheet that shows a visual of the items (or links to photos), item details, and the item dispositions.
  • SoLs make it easy to calculate replacement costs of items and Actual Cash Values (ACVs). With Encircle, replacement cost values are included in this report, and link out to online retailers for easy verification.

Check out the example SOL report linked here.


“That same report that took half an hour to an hour to compile with Encircle, it would have taken 24 hours for us to really do a similar quality job.”



#3: Drying Report

Drying reports, also called moisture reports (or even Dehumidification and Structural Drying Records, if you want to get fancy with it), are key to understanding the status of a water job and creating a drying plan. Here’s what you need to know about this type of report

  • It should detail your drying plan and show equipment calculations to justify your estimate line items. Encircle’s water mitigation tool – Hydro – has a built-in equipment calculator that adheres to IICRC S500 standards, to help you place the optimal amount of equipment (and get paid for it).
  • It should contain moisture maps for context of where moisture readings were taken and where equipment has been placed.
  • It should also show psychrometrics and air readings at different points in the job life cycle, to show drying progress. With Encircle, techs can easily snap a picture of their moisture meter while taking a reading, for extra credibility.

Check out the example Encircle Hydro Drying report linked here.


If techs are recording readings using pen and paper, reports can’t be started until they return to the office with their paper dry logs. If the information is logged with Encircle Hydro instead, admin teams can get access to this information in real time. This way, they can create and share reports much faster to improve communication with stakeholders.'

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