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Mobile property restoration and claims documentation software

Encircle's app makes it easy for field teams to document the complete story of a property loss.

Field documentation done right.

go-everywhere-iconGo everywhere.
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The #1 field documentation platform for restorers



"Restoration software with best ROI!"

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PaulDavis Restoration Professionals use Encircle
Northbridge - A Fairfax Company Insurance use Encircle
JC Restoration Professionals use Encircle
Claimspro Adjusting firm use Encircle
Restoration-1 Professionals use Encircle
PuroClean Restoration Professionals use Encircle
FireStar Restoration Professionals use Encircle
Service Master Restoration Professionals use Encircle
Hudson Restoration use Encircle
Premier Restoration uses Encircle
ProStar restoration uses Encircle
FireStar Restoration uses Encircle
Cooperators uses Encircle
Werner Restoration uses Encircle
QFB Restoration uses Encircle

Make everyone's job easier.

Restoration Contractors

While restoration contractors restore properties back to normal, they use Encircle to document the job every step of the way – keeping all parties on the same page.


With facts from the field, adjusters can settle claims faster and with more confidence by using Encircle to capture and organize all of the critical property loss details.

Insurance Carriers

When inspectors and field service providers use Encircle, you get accurate property loss data in near real-time, reducing claim cycle time and increasing settlement accuracy.

One app to rule them all.

Encircle goes everywhere.

Ultimate reliability whenever and wherever disaster strikes. Capture field data anywhere, anytime.

  • Works online and offline
  • Unlimited users working in parallel
  • Works on any device


Encircle captures everything.

A complete and accurate story of any property loss – organized all in one place.

checkmark-icon-orange-1A full suite of field documentation tools:

Encircle connects everyone.

Facts of a property loss shared in real-time, making for faster more confident decisions. 

  • Real-time sync between field and office
  • Data integrity with date, time, and location metadata
  • Powerful integrations to connect your systems

The only app you need for field documentation.

Encircle - The only app you need for field documentation.

The Encircle edge

What you can't get anywhere else.
  • Field-first design - Documentation done right with fewer clicks.
  • Easy sharing - Easily share with teammates, subs, and adjusters.
  • No cell service? No problem! - Works even in extreme conditions.
  • Works on any device - Works on any smartphone, tablet or desktop.
  • Ultimate collaboration tool - Work together for documentation done faster.
  • Unlimited data, forever yours - Your data is yours, but kept safe without storage limits.
  • Indisputable facts - date, time, and GPS metadata for data integrity

Encircle captures facts and creates reports that speak the whole truth.

Book a 30-minute demo so we can show you how easy it can be to completely document a property loss, all in one field app.

Encircle customer stories:

Mold Pros Customer Success Story

The Mold Pros: Better data, better business, better health

Thanks to the Encircle app, The Mold Pros now have a more sustainable and profitable process that closes the loop between doctors and patients.

Encircle improves efficiency during costliest disaster in Canada

“Our closing cycle time shortened from 2 1/2 hours to just over 25 minutes with the help of Encircle,” says Rob Hryszo, Paul Davis Restoration of Calgary.

Encircle helps PuroClean Chicago impress carriers with solid reports

Encircle Helps PuroClean Disaster Services of Chicago sets themselves apart from their competitors with Comprehensive Reports to Impress Carriers.

Frequently asked questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the questions we get asked most! 

Is Encircle only for restoration contractors?

Encircle is for anyone in the property claims ecosystem who wants access to true facts about a property loss. Our customers include restoration contractors, insurance adjusters, insurance underwriters, third party administrators, remote estimators, and insurance carriers. Most software in property insurance is designed for data analysis by administrative office workers. Encircle focuses on the field and makes it easy for less technically inclined field workers to capture the critical data that is needed to make decisions about property loss. We want everyone to be confident that the data they are reviewing is true and accurate and the best accuracy comes right from the source.

Does Encircle do job management?

Encircle is a field documentation platform, which provides users with real-time visibility into what is going on at a job no matter where you are. So many of our customers find it very useful for helping them manage their jobs. Unlike specific job management software built for super administrators in a restoration office to manage the logistics of a job, Encircle is a field-first solution. Encircle is built for the mobile user to make it easy for field teams to capture the job documentation that are critical to completing property restoration jobs, especially when working with insurance carriers.

I thought Encircle was just for taking photos?

Nope! Encircle is so much more than a photo app. Encircle provides everything a property restoration or property insurance claims professional needs for complete documentation together in one app. Photos, videos, notes, sketches, floor plans, moisture readings, e-signatures, custom digital documents and more. All of this comes together in comprehensive and professional reports that you generate in a couple of clicks.

Does Encircle integrate with any other software?

Encircle believes that everyone’s job will become easier if they have access to the information about a property loss that they need. We believe that data should be available in any and every system you work with. We are committed to integrating with other insure-tech solutions, including 3D imaging, equipment tracking, claim management, accounting, communication, CRM and more. We are always working with new integration partners to expand the capabilities, plus through our open API, developers can create custom integrations with their in-house tools and workflows. For more information, you can visit the Encircle API page.