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Documentation that exceeds carrier standards

Trust that the reports you receive from your contractor network tell the true story of each property loss.

Speed up your cycle times by
simplifying documentation into one field app. 

By capturing everything in one app, Encircle ensures that you always have the details and data required to close claims quickly.

Every contractor can reach the top of the network.

By making documentation easy and fast, Encircle helps restorers crush their KPIs.
thumbsup-iconComplete and easy-to-read reports
thumbsup-iconAccurate measurements every time
thumbsup-iconFaster approvals without pushback


“The Encircle reports bring a high level of data integrity and professionalism that leave nothing open to interpretation and keep our reviewers and contractors on the same page. Plus, the speed at which the reports can be shared certainly improves our claim cycle times.”

U.S. President of Contractor Connection.



A full suite of field documentation tools.


Great documentation cannot be done with photos alone. With Encircle, your network contractors can capture all documentation in one app, no matter the job size or type.

Claim types:
  • Flood & water
  • Fire & smoke
  • Mold
  • Wind & hail
  • Storm
  • Hurricane
  • Personal property
  • And more…

One platform for everything you need.

Field reports that speak the truth.

Contractors using Encircle have one app to get you all of the documentation you need on every claim - making approvals, file reviews, and audits a breeze.

Video walkthroughs
Documents and signatures


Moisture reports that tell the story.

Contractors who use Encircle Hydro follow an S500 checklist to efficiently document water losses the same way every time. And they get you moisture reports that capture the facts.

Moisture readings
Equipment calculations

Sketches you can count on.

Encircle Floor Plan creates fast and accurate floor plans, so your contractors get their estimates in faster, with measurements you can rely on.

Scan with any smartphone
Same-day floor plan delivery
Accurate room dimensions


Encircle can improve the documentation you get from your network contractors.

Talk to our team today to see how we can work together!

Frequently asked questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the questions we get asked most! 

Does Encircle integrate with Verisk?

In early 2023, Encircle and Verisk announced integration plans to send data between XactAnalysis/Xactimate and Encircle. This integration will bridge the information gap between restorers, independent adjusters, managed repair networks, and carriers. It will increase the speed of full-cycle claims management and property loss estimating. Access to fast and reliable data is critical for adjusters and claims managers to make confident decisions about policy coverage, set accurate reserve amounts, and get claims closed quickly.

Does Encircle help determine the amount of drying equipment that should be on a job site?

Encircle Hydro includes an equipment calculator based on the IICRC S500 standard for water mitigation best practices. By entering dimensions of the drying chamber, percentage affected, along with additional details about the condition of the building, the contractor can use the calculator to play the appropriate number of air movers and dehumidifiers on each water job. 

Can Encircle Floor Plan produce a sketch in Xactimate?

We are actively working on a solution to convert Encircle Floor Plan into an Xactimate compatible sketch format. In the meantime, Encircle Floor Plan provides a nice clean image with accurate dimensions, making it easy to upload into Xactimate to use as an underlay. Our customers find that this process takes less than 5 minutes per job.

Does Encircle help contractors follow standardized processes?

With all documentation collected in the Encircle app in the field, techs aren't having to juggle multiple apps. This makes is easier for contractors to implement and follow standardized processes for documentation. Encircle Hydro provides a water mitigation checklist that ensures every water job follows the same process for drying and documentation. We will soon be launching additional checklists in the app to further standardize documentation processes across different job types to really drive consistency.