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April 11, 2024

Swift and smart: Leveraging data for effective CAT response planning

Why data matters in surge events

As extreme weather events become more frequent due to climate change, the restoration industry faces increased pressure. Here's a look at ‌recent stats from NOAA showing just how much extreme weather events have impacted us in the last three years:

NOAA's data on U.S. Billion-Dollar Weather and Climate Disasters: A three-year overview of events, costs, and lives affected. Source

The key to staying ahead?

Leveraging data smartly.

Data enables us to make quick, informed decisions, crucial for managing the surge in workload efficiently.

Understanding your data universe: The role of field data in swift CAT response

Field data isn't just another form of documentation‌ — ‌it's the key to unlocking swift disaster response and making sure your restoration business is financially sound. From the moment of initial assessment, the quality, integrity, and accessibility of field data can significantly influence how quickly and effectively you can act, making sure your services are beyond reproach and financially compensated.

Using digital tools for better field data

Switching to digital tools like Encircle for gathering field data speeds up your disaster response and helps with smarter financial decisions. It makes sure every step is recorded and clear, leading to faster claim processing.

By highlighting patterns, tracking job metrics, response times, and customer feedback, data equips us to prepare for and efficiently handle large-scale events. It essentially serves as our comprehensive strategy, allowing us to anticipate challenges and stay prepared all year-round.

Discover the importance of year-round preparation with insights from Steve Glozik, President of FP Property Restoration, in our webinar snippet, “CAT Response Tactics for Top Restorers.”


How to leverage data in 3 key steps

Step 1: Collect key data

Start with the basics by gathering essential data points:

  • Job counts: Keep tabs on the number and types of jobs you're handling.

  • Response speed: Measure how quickly you're able to respond to calls for service.

  • Customer feedback: What are your clients saying about your work? Encircle's tools automate data collection, making it easy to keep track of these crucial metrics without getting bogged down.

Overwhelmed by data? Encircle can simplify field data collection and analysis.

Step 2: Analyze for insights

Looking into your data to find patterns and plan for the future is important and can be easy.

Encircle makes creating detailed reports from your field data quick, making sure stories of loss are accurately captured. You can choose from many report types and make them instantly, from any location, speeding up communication and the claims process.

With interactive media and options to customize reports, Encircle makes sure everyone gets the accurate, detailed information they need right from the start. We help make complex data simple and useful.

Step 3: Make data-driven decisions

Armed with insights, it's time to act. Use your data to:

  • Allocate resources more efficiently.

  • Optimize your scheduling to improve response times.

  • Enhance communication with customers based on their feedback.

Hesitant about new tech? Start small, offer thorough training, and show the immediate benefits.

See how Pure Restore expertly handled a surge of jobs from the Marshall Fire using Encircle.

Data-driven operations: Merging tech and training

Leveraging data isn’t just for surge events; it’s about making daily operations smoother. Watch how strategic data use does just that:

Data-driven operations: Merging tech and training

Using technology and training your team well is key to using data well. Tools that help with reporting, talking as a team, and documenting work can greatly improve how things run.

Starting with basic training can help everyone understand these tools better, showing how they help right away.

Struggling with training? Use Encircle’s IICRC CE-approved (free) resources and set a regular training plan.

Embracing the future

The key to mastering surge events lies in embracing technology and tracking from the start. This approach isn’t just for handling disasters better; it’s about improving every-day operations. Learn how investing in technology from the start isn't just about disaster readiness‌ — ‌it's a growth strategy for your business.

Invest early in tech, and watch your business not just survive but thrive, with data leading the charge into a more resilient future.

invest in technology and grow your business

Make your disaster response better with data and our tools

Using data and our technology helps you manage surge events well. Taking the first step towards a data-driven future doesn’t have to be daunting — Encircle can simplify this, guaranteeing you have the necessary information to make informed decisions quickly.

Ready to transform your approach to disaster response?

Start with Encircle today and see the difference data can make.


Get complete and consistent field documentation everytime.

Learn how Encircle can help you and your field teams ease the documentation burden.