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November 19, 2019

Encircle Helps PuroClean Chicago Impress Carriers with Solid Reports


Location: Chicago, IL

Founded: 2013

Industry: Restoration


Creating comprehensive reports quickly

Encircle Mobile App and Encircle Web App

Impressed adjusters and property managers with detailed PDF reports

PuroClean Disaster Services Sets Themselves Apart from Their Competitors with Solid Documentation


PuroClean Disaster Services, based in Chicago, IL can tackle any type of loss, from fire to water, and everything in between. Known for their stellar service and exceptional growth, PuroClean Disaster Services continually looks to improve their operations and implement best practices.

Although they are a high-performing team, PuroClean Disaster Services was struggling with turning photos and documentation around quickly. Images had to be uploaded to a Dropbox and then manually renamed and rearranged before they could be placed in a report. It was a time-consuming, tedious process. Couple that with the need to create reports to explain the severity of the loss to clients, PuroClean Disaster Services had to manually add photos and write descriptions to describe the loss. It could take up to 24 hours to complete a report.

When PuroClean Disaster Services was contacted to help out during Hurricane Florence, they knew they needed a new, faster way to document losses and mitigation efficiently. They needed a tool that could streamline their documentation methods, simplify their time consuming photo process, and easily create custom, comprehensive reports for carriers and clients.


PuroClean Disaster Services deployed Encircle just before heading down to the Carolinas to help with the clean-up efforts. They knew it would be the perfect time to see what Encircle could do. “[During the Hurricane Florence clean-up] every loss that we did, from inspection to final billing, we used Encircle and then it created these great reports...Adjusters took that and said you have everything here,” noted Keegan Trudgen, Owner of PuroClean Disaster Services. Using the Encircle Mobile App and Web App, they were able to quickly create detailed reports with all the supporting documentation carriers would need to understand the losses.

“That same report that took half an hour to an hour to compile with Encircle, it would have taken 24 hours for us to really do a similar quality job.”



PuroClean Disaster Services impressed adjusters with their thorough, well-organized reports. In fact, they were able to add documentation from other tools and pull it into Encircle to easily create PDF reports. “We combine reports and data from other systems and [estimates], and any subcontractor invoices, and anything else that pertains to the project, [and] we create one complete PDF report that we send over to the adjuster or insurance carrier… And it’s a full, complete report and account of the work that was done on the job with all of the information that our customer needs,” Trudgen added. Pleased with the comprehensive reports, carriers and adjusters were less likely to give PuroClean Disaster Services pushback on jobs.


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