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62 MIN

Every view matters with Encircle and Matterports

With Brandon Donatelli & Kris Rzesnoski, CR

62 MIN

With the powerhouse combo of Encircle and Matterport, you can add a 3D model to an Encircle claim to get the job done.

HubSpot Video

In this webinar recording, you'll learn:

  • Why Encircle and Matterport are natural partners
  • What are the gaps in the restoration industry
  • How to prepare for the unexpected
  • Encircle and Matterport Integration demo
HubSpot Video

By integrating Encircle with the Matterport platform we’ve made it more efficient and easier for restoration contractors and field adjusters to communicate the precise details of a loss.

Encircle’s photos, videos and notes combined with Matterport’s 3D models give the full picture for all stakeholders. Easily add Matterport 3D models to your Encircle Reports.

To learn more about the full benefits of the Encircle Matterport integration, please visit the Integrations page.

Kris Rzesnoski  CR, WLS, FLS, CLS, RTPE Vice President, Encircle

Kris Rzesnoski
Vice President, Encircle

With over 15 years of experience in the restoration and insurance industries, Kris is committed to driving Encircle’s delivery of intuitive, easy-to-use solutions that improve productivity and profitability. Kris currently sits on the RIA’s Restoration Council, Canadian Education Committee, and is the Chairman of the Estimating Committee.

Brandon Donatelli Matterport

Brandon Donatelli
Global Director of Insurance
Accounts, Matterport

In 2012, following his time at JBD Restoration, Brandon founded a restoration consulting start-up in the Midwest, Aria Consulting Group. In March of 2017, Brandon became General Manager at Superior Restoration before taking on his current role in May of 2019. His passion for helping others now applies to his current responsibilities of growing the Matterport footprint on streamlining the insurance claims cycle and improving documentation best practices.