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November 24, 2020

The art of pivoting: Managing change during a crisis

Our world has changed dramatically. In this new normal, how do we stay positive by influencing change, leveraging technology, and finding new business opportunities? In the following recording, our expert panel discusses how restoration contractors can use change management techniques to be successful in dealing with this new environment.

The art of pivoting: Managing change during a crisis

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How leaders influence positive change in their business
  • How to effectively communicate change to your employees
  • How to use technology to drive change and growth
  • How to set yourselves apart from competitors

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0:06:44 Did you know?
0:08:17 Many faces of change
0:12:54 Live poll
0:16:55 Panel discussion: Leadership
0:32:02 Panel discussion: People / Culture
0:46:35 Panel discussion: Pivoting
1:03:21 Q&A
1:15:09 Helpful Resources



Jean-Francois Raymond
Customer Success Manager,

Having 20+ years of experience in the restoration industry, JF's modus operandi has always been about helping customers be successful! His tenure with Encircle puts his business mindset to good use by helping customers get the most value out of Encircle.


Amanda MacAuley
Founder and Managing Director,
Influence and Persuade Limited

Amanda helps technical experts and leaders become compelling communicators and enablers of social change. After an early career in consulting at Arthur Andersen and then CapGemini, where she ran international change programs, Amanda founded her own company in 2017.


Michael K. Shaughnessy
Management Consulting,
Business Development / Sales Training

Michael trains sales professionals on the mechanics of his Sequoia/5 Business Growth Formula. He received the "Chamber of Commerce Good Neighbor Award" for outstanding ethics and Business practices. Michael, his wife Paula, and their beloved golden retriever pup Reilly live in Ottawa, Canada.


Derrick Baldree
General Manager, Mitigation and Emergency Services, Parker Young Construction

Derrick is a Marine Corps Veteran and worked as a job site foreman. In his current position, Derrick is responsible for all facets of running the Emergency Services Department, from employee hiring to customer interactions to negotiations with adjusters. In a short period, he has made a significant improvement in efficiency, emergency response time, and customer satisfaction.


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