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May 19, 2021

How to prepare for this year's CAT season

Is your restoration business ready for the next CAT? Whether it’s a wildfire, earthquake, hurricane, winter freeze, or other major catastrophe, these events leave restoration contractors dealing with a high volume of work and increased pressure on their resources, including cash flow. Watch this webinar to learn what to expect at every CAT, risks to be aware of, how to protect your business, and more.

Watch this webinar to learn what to expect at every CAT, risks to be aware of, how to protect your business, and more:

How to prepare for CAT emergency restoration
  • What is a CAT -  the various types around the world, and the true financial impact of major catastrophes.
  • Get prepared legally - Risk management plan, contractual requirements, and knowing Assignment of Insurance Rights.
  • Preparing to mobilize - Things consider for your CAT plan and what you need in your standard toolbox. 
  • Is CAT work right for you? - what restoration contractors should consider before taking on CAT work.
  • Getting paid! - Best practices in mind when you are doing CAT work for business success.

See the full webinar below.

What is a CAT?


Get prepared legally


Preparing to mobilize


Is CAT work right for you?


Getting paid!






Lorne McIntyre
Customer Success Manager, Encircle

Lorne is a veteran of the cleaning and restoration industry with more than 30 years’ experience with thousands of completed projects. Lorne has owned and operated a high-volume full-service property restoration firm in Toronto.


Ed Cross
The Restoration Lawyer

Ed has drafted hundreds of restoration contracts, and represented over 300 local and national restorers in contract disputes, collection matters, workmanship claims and standard of care issues. He has recovered tens of millions of dollars for restoration contractors.


David Carroll
Vice President of Sales, Encircle

Dave leads the go-to-market teams across the insurance and restoration verticals, delivering efficient and easy-to-use mobile and web technology solutions. He is passionate about growth through customer advocacy.

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