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January 23, 2024

How Parker Young made sketching 94% faster with Encircle Floor Plan + Xactimate

Parker Young uses Encircle Floor Plan

Norcross, GA
Founded: 1978
Industry: Full Service Mitigation & Restoration


94% faster floor scans: Sketch time cut from 1.5 hours to 5 minutes.

Enhanced accuracy: Ideal for complex angles & designs.

Cost-efficient: Maximizes value for larger projects.

Improved customer satisfaction: Faster, precise work builds trust.

See how Encircle's Floor Plan is reshaping property restoration workflows with fast, accurate sketches right from your phone

Parker Young Construction, a RESCON company, serves Georgia with exceptional mitigation and restoration services. They specialize in repairing damage caused by fire, water, and storms, and are known for their commitment to quality and efficiency. Encircle Floor Plan helped Parker Young make their everyday work a whole lot easier and faster, keeping their promise to always get better at what they do.

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CHALLENGE: Moving beyond hand-sketching and laser measuring

Ralph Burris, Senior Estimator, has seen it all in his long career at Parker Young. He knows how the restoration industry has changed over the years. Back in the day, they did everything by hand, measuring and sketching with tapes and lasers. It took forever and was prone to human error.

That old way of doing things was slowing them down, keeping them from being as quick and sharp as they wanted to be.

Done with slow sketching? See how Encircle makes it better.



SOLUTION: Embracing efficiency with Encircle Floor Plan


Parker Young gave Encircle's Floor Plan a shot, integrating it seamlessly with their Xactimate license. Ralph took the lead in testing it out — and quickly found out how good it was.

"I did it with my house. I have a two-story house and as fast as I can walk through the house, I got what I needed for a floor plan."

Ralph was impressed with how the tool made sketching both quick and accurate. It was a big step up from the old, manual methods. For Ralph, it wasn't just about saving time; it was also about the accuracy and reliability of the work — key factors in restoration.

“I enjoy the sketch feature, that's something I'm pushing our guys very hard to use it.”

RESULTS: Faster scans, smoother workflow and cost-efficiency

#1: 94% quicker floor scans: Time to sketch cut from 1.5 hours to just 5 minutes.

Encircle Floor Plan and Xactimate.

“The Floor Plan takes me five minutes. By hand it could take up to an hour, two hours, depending on the detail… and the floor sketch is awesome.”


#2: Smoother workflows:
Ralph's method: "Schedule your appointments in the morning, write your estimates in the afternoon."

#3: Cost-efficient: Ideal for projects larger than 1-2 rooms. Ralph's tip:

“Don’t waste money using it on simple rooms, but for bigger jobs, it’s a game-changer.”

#4: Boosted customer satisfaction: Speed and precision in work builds stronger trust with customers.

Boost efficiency in your restoration projects like Parker Young Construction.


Why digital tools are essential in restoration

In restoration, the right digital tools aren't just helpful — they're game-changers. Ralph explains the broader impact of Encircle:

“Using Encircle, it’s been great for us because it’s a place to where we can centralize all our photos and other documentation and it's always available when we need it.”

He also highlights its role in mitigation, "I know our mitigation guys love it. They collect all the info, and I can easily check their photos to see what's what in the house.”

His final piece of advice?

“If you don’t step up technology, you’re not going to be in business.”



Parker Young's experience with Encircle goes beyond quick floor plans. It's about fully embracing technology to improve the mitigation and restoration documentation workflow, making them forward-thinking leaders in the restoration industry.


Get complete and consistent field documentation everytime.

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