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November 30, 2023

How Rainbow Restoration swapped old sketches for quick, easy digital floor plans with Encircle + Xactimate


Richmond, VA
Founded: 2008
Industry: Full Service Restoration


Quick Floor Plan Creation: From hours to 1.5 minutes.

Less Admin Work: 387 admin hours saved.

More Jobs Handled: Twice as many daily jobs.

Happier Team: Major morale and efficiency boost.

Better Customer Service: Faster, more accurate service.

Find out how using Encircle for digital floor plans improves speed and accuracy in property restoration workflows.

Aaron and Kari Fischer own four Rainbow Restoration locations in Greater Virginia including Richmond, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, and the Valley. Their teams are part of the global Rainbow International brand, known for expertly handling water damage, fire & smoke, asbestos, and mold remediation. The business found a game-changer in Encircle Floor Plan and moved towards digital transformation, enhancing their longstanding reputation with insurance carriers and local tenants.

THE CHALLENGE: Upgrading sketching for customer and carrier satisfaction

Their technicians often used pen and paper to take measurements, a method prone to errors and lost information. Sometimes, these written notes didn’t make it into their digital records, leading to delays in providing accurate estimates to insurance companies. This sketching workflow was increasingly becoming a bottleneck.



General Manager Garrett Norvelle, who was recently named Rainbow International's Operations Manager of the Year, was keen on resolving these inefficiencies. His passion for smooth and efficient operations drove the team’s search for a better way.

“If we didn't have a sketch, everything else got held up. It was hard to give the right estimates to insurance companies. We're here to help our customers, and doing a good job makes us and the insurance companies look good. But without proper documentation, it's not just our reputation at stake; it also impacts those who refer us.”

Tired of sketching errors? See how Encircle makes it better.

THE SOLUTION: Making field sketching easy with effortless tech

Rainbow Restoration chose Encircle Floor Plan to upgrade their sketching process, a decision driven by the tool's seamless integration with their existing software and its field tech-friendly design.



“The reason we implemented it is because of the seamless sync from Floor Plan to Xactimate and then just the ability for anyone to do it. Just like the rest of Encircle, Floor Plan is plug-and-play; your newest technician can do it.”

THE RESULTS: Speed, accuracy, and morale boost

#1: Time Cut Down Dramatically

Creating floor plans became much faster. Garrett shares the impact:

“It takes a minute and 30 seconds for you to do a Floor Plan on site. Then in less than four hours, you get that Floor Plan back and it's 98% accurate.”

#2: Big Save on Admin Work

Garrett notes, “Administrative time saved would be roughly four to five hours per job.” This big drop in admin time made things run smoother overall.

#3: Handling More Jobs

Their team could take on double the jobs. “Encircle has cut sketching time in half so we can hit twice as many jobs in a day than what we would have in the past,” observes Garrett.

#4: Team Spirits Soar

The whole crew got a big morale boost. Garrett explains, “For the guys to find out I can do a video walkthrough and then it'll put a sketch in or make a sketch, they were pretty excited about that.”

Boost efficiency in your restoration projects.

Advice for digital transformation in restoration

Garrett’s tip for restoration businesses thinking about going digital is clear:

“For restoration companies out there that haven't decided whether or not to use the Floor Plan feature, I would say: you just have to do it because it's going to save you so much time. Yes, there's a little bit of an expense there. But that's worth it to have all of the accurate information.”

They've seen firsthand how much Encircle has improved their operations.

For Rainbow Restoration, adopting digital tools wasn't just a tech upgrade. It's been a whole new start, making their work better and faster, and bringing their team together. As Garrett puts it, “After a disaster, there’s always a rainbow.” For them, this means keeping up with new ideas and being the best help they can be to their community.


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