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February 26, 2020

Customer spotlight: CDRG and RedTeam use Encircle to reduce cycle times.


Location: Ottawa, ON
Founded: 1980
Industry: Disaster restoration

Quick capture and transfer of job data

Encircle app real time sync between field and office

Reduced cycle times

CDRG+RedTeam talks about how Encircle has helped them reduce cycle times and consistently hit KPIs.

CDRG+REDTEAM is improving vendor scores and the efficiency of their business using mobile app Encircle—the only field documentation solution.

They entered the insurance world years ago and have established a reputation for excellence. “We are part of several preferred vendor programs. With the scorecards it’s very important for us to hit those KPIs because the ones performing will get the bulk of the work,” says Simon Frigon, CEO, Founder.

Using Encircle has been able to help them dial in their process, saving time and enabling more volume.

“As independents trying to stay on vendor programs, Encircle is necessary for us to move forward. It’s user-friendly, it’s transparent. It’s so easy for us to share the information with our team.” He asserts that using the app, they experience little to no loss of time, they’re able to hit KPAs, and follow SLA easily. “Without it our cycle times would be higher and we’d be pushed out of the industry. We need to be at the forefront of data.”

CDRG+REDTEAM PM Yan Martel, Project Manager/Estimator describes the Encircle features he finds most valuable: “what’s been nice about Encircle is we can get everything instantly. The guys are there, they take a picture, I see it right away. We can wrap up estimates very quickly. We can write them the same day we are on the job. Encircle has been a big help. It makes our life as Project Managers easier because we can get all the full responses info we need to get our estimates out."

Capturing documentation from the field and translating it into so thoroughly and quickly allows them to settle more claims, faster.

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