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February 20, 2020

Paul Davis London uses Encircle to close the communication gap between field and office


Location: London, ON

Founded: 1966

Industry: Restoration

Getting information in a timely manner

Encircle Mobile App and Encircle Web App

Information is available as soon as it’s documented

Techs Are Able to Stay Out in the Field as Information is Instantly Available on the Encircle Platform

Paul Davis London handles any type of loss, from residential to commercial claims, and anything in between. No loss is too big or small. In fact, the Paul Davis London team will “... go wherever we need to, to help out our brokers,” said Jake Fuller, Mitigation Manager. Despite being a part of an industry-leading company, Paul Davis London struggled with getting information from the field to the office in a timely manner. It could take up to a few days to receive crucial information about a claim, as admin staff waited for technicians to return to the office.

Paul Davis London relied on manual, linear processes for documenting losses. When technicians first visited a job site, they would document the loss with a digital camera and memory stick. Then, techs would return to the office to upload the images and place them in a Word document. Afterwards, admins would review the photos and label each one.

Further complicating their process was the fact that there were no templates for their team to work with, so every report had to be created manually and lacked consistency. Paul Davis London needed a solution that could keep up with them as their techs went from site to site. The solution also needed to bridge the communication gap that existed between their field technicians and office staff.


Turning to Encircle, Paul Davis London looked to new technology to help them address their communication challenges. Using the Encircle Mobile App in combination with the Encircle Web App, technicians in the field were able to quickly document losses while all of the photos, work authorizations, and notes were instantly shared with office admins on the Encircle platform. “We can go to new losses every hour and still have all of the information needed,” Fuller added. Additionally, Encircle includes a variety of reports that can be created within a few clicks, automating previously tedious tasks and helping the Paul Davis London team save even more time.

“Encircle has helped with our KPIs with insurance companies. [...] The inspection reports are getting uploaded and sent to the insurance companies before our project managers are off site, so [they] know exactly what’s happened at the loss and if it’s a covered loss.”



With the improved communication between field technicians and office admins, Paul Davis London is now able to document more losses, more efficiently. They’ve also used Encircle to create repeatable processes that allow them to set up the cause of loss, pre-existing conditions, scope and sketch, as well as the preliminary report, inspection report, and work authorizations in advance so that they can arrive on the job prepared.

Paul Davis London also found that Encircle helped reduce their liability in the field. Fuller explained, “... we take our photos during our initial inspections of damaged doors, dings in the paint, stairs, all of these things are noted [with] time stamps so that our liability is now covered,” helping homeowners understand that these imperfections existed before the loss.


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