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April 20, 2021

Great Technology Drives Great Documentation


Location: Suburban MD / Washington DC

Founded: 1966

Industry: Restoration

Needed to easily document in the field and quickly create reports

The Encircle Mobile App and Encircle PDF Reports

Easy-to-follow process and the ability to create reports anywhere

Paul Davis Franchise saves time with Encircle


Paul Davis Restoration of Suburban MD/Washington DC is part of a national franchise that provides services to clean up and repair damage to residential, institutional, and commercial structures. Founded in 1966, Paul Davis is a rapidly growing network of more than 300 independently owned and operated franchises.

Brock Merwin, General Manager at Paul Davis Restoration of Suburban Maryland & DC, and his team were searching for a solution to easily document in the field and quickly turnaround a finished report. His franchise invested a lot of time ironing out processes for documenting a claim. They wanted a software tool that could keep pace and would be easy for everyone to use.

"It’s our preferred weapon of choice. It’s an application that always works, and anybody can use it."





Merwin’s team knew Encircle was the right solution the moment they tried it. Producing more than 50 reports a day, Merwin adds, “Encircle is such a time saver for us. It helps us move fast and efficiently. My whole team is confident in our Encircle process, which allows us to easily communicate very detailed information with stakeholders.” He remembers generating a 24hr report within the Encircle app in minutes while still standing on the client’s driveway. He doesn’t typically endorse things, but he enthusiastically endorses Encircle because of its ease of use and professional quality.


The Encircle platform offers Merwin’s team self-contained, readable reports that include photos, videos, notes, and any other detail they need for claim documentation. Having all the information at their fingertips has streamlined the process and made generating a world-class report quick and easy. The amount of content required for a report no longer correlates with the time required to prepare it. The easy-to-use app has motivated field teams to provide more information without causing unnecessary delays and frustration.

Even better, Merwin’s team can share information with their stakeholders - improving the quality of the claim experience for their customers. Plus, cycle times for their claim process have been reduced from 100 days to 40. Merwin credits Encircle with this reduction and with significantly impacting their compliance scores.


The industry wants you to prove everything, Merwin explained. “They’re trusting us to be accurate in our scopes and great reporting ensures that happens. You need the details to get paid. Encircle is a requirement for us to manage our high volume business and protect our margins.” Moreover, if there’s a dispute with a customer they can alleviate it by pulling up photos and documents - eliminating the problem before it even happens.

Encircle has also been a real asset during the pandemic. Having work authorizations built into the platform with the ability to capture signatures remotely before arriving on site allows Paul Davis to confirm the job upfront. Merwin notes, “through COVID-19, Encircle has enabled us to be almost ‘touchless’”.


Get complete and consistent field documentation everytime.

Learn how Encircle can help you and your field teams ease the documentation burden.