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Administrative Strategies, LLC improves response rates with Encircle

Link by Encircle helps Administrative Strategies reduce the time from initial contact to payment advance—improving efficiency and customer satisfaction


Administrative Strategies, LLC is an industry-leading provider of catastrophe response and NFIP flood claims handling, business strategies, and solutions. Focused on getting people’s lives back in order, Administrative Strategies quickly and accurately performs field and desk adjustments of insurance claims after a loss.

While their response is immediate, the realities of system processes, geography, access, and resources can cause delays in getting the funds advanced to those in need. On average, they have been able to provide funding within 11 days of initial contact. Although they have noted performance improvements year over year, they are focused on continuously improving the speed and accuracy at which they issue funds.

To help expedite the process, Administrative Strategies needed a solution that would give them the ability to see into a loss before arriving on site.


Link by Encircle, is a link that is sent to the policyholder via email or text message. Without having to download an app, the policyholder can take photos of their loss and sign documents, and instantly share those images and documents with the adjuster on the Encircle platform. This remote visibility into losses enables Administrative Strategies’ team to triage claims and to assign the appropriate resources to those claims without sending someone on site.

“Once the adjuster meets with the policyholder, an accurate Advance and the Preliminary Report are submitted before the adjuster leaves the property.”



By using the Encircle platform to gather information, Administrative Strategies achieved a significant gain in efficiency. In fact, when they used Link by Encircle to connect with the policyholder, they saw the time from contact to payment dropped from almost 11 days to just a few hours! In situations, where they were not able to deploy Link by Encircle, they used Encircle on site, reducing the time from contact to payment to about six and a half days.

Deploying Encircle also helped Administrative Strategies reduced the time between initial contact to preliminary report by almost three and a half days. Additionally, if the policyholder was onsite and used Link by Encircle, the time from initial inspection to advance was reduced from three and a half days to just a few hours.

These efficiencies allow Administrative Strategies to triage critically impacted customers and focus on assigning resources to those claims. Experienced staff can then be deployed to where they are needed most, ensuring the most severely damaged sites get a quicker in-person visit. Encircle has propelled Administrative Strategies closer to achieving their overarching goal of providing the fastest and most accurate responses to customers in need.

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