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December 4, 2018

Claims insight: Reducing administrative burden

As a result of the constant desire to improve performance, insurance claim processes are always evolving. Nobody knows that more than Project Managers in the field, who are being given more authority to process claims, while also being the eyes and ears of the Adjuster. This added responsibility comes with new challenges that require a different approach.

On the Road Again 


Project Managers are now often responsible for determining the cause of loss, notifying the Adjuster of red flags, setting expectations, and making sure the insured and Adjuster are well informed. In order to provide the customer experience that is expected in the industry, the Project Manager is required to be on-site more. At the same time, the administrative burden the Project Manager must contend with requires more time at their desk. Faced with greater responsibilities and time pressure, how can Project Managers adapt? Here are three challenges Project Managers face and how Encircle can help.

1. Assessment of Loss


When the insured reports a loss, unless the description provided clearly indicates the loss is covered, the loss assessment typically begins when the Project Manager visits the site. They determine the cause of loss and report back to the Adjuster to confirm coverage. However, this process requires the Project Manager to spend time travelling to a loss, sometimes in geographically spread out locations, before having a complete picture of the situation.

In contrast, Encircle provides remote visibility of a loss by enabling the insured to use their mobile device to take photos and share them with the insurer in real-time. This allows the loss to be assessed prior to anyone attending the site. The Adjuster can then use the photos and description obtained from the insured to determine if the loss is covered without visiting the site.

With the ability to assess the loss in advance of a visit, Project Managers can be assigned based on the complexity of the loss. More experienced Project Managers can be sent to losses requiring their expertise while the more novice Project Manager can handle more simple files.

2. Documenting the Claim


Most issues processing claims arise from miscommunication or reports not being documented properly. When there is a dispute related to a loss, whether it is confirming pre-existing damage or a direction given by the Insured or Adjuster, it is up to the Project Manager to show when the direction was given or provide proof that the damage was already there. Once the Project Manager has attended the site, it is their responsibility to document the claim after they have returned to their desk, often after a full day in the field.

With Encircle, the Project Manager can document the loss on-site and instantly share notes and photos with the Adjuster or their administrative team back at the office. By sharing digital documentation in real-time, not only can administrative work get started faster, the report is less likely to have errors or missed information. At the same time, authorizations requiring a signature can be done at the convenience of the insured. Authorization forms and schedules can be generated on-site or sent to their phone depending on their availability.

3. Information Transparency


If the insured has any questions or concerns regarding the progress of their claim, typically they reach out to the Adjuster for an update. The Adjuster then reaches out to the Project Manager to request the same update before the Adjuster can respond to the insured.

Encircle streamlines this process by providing the Adjuster with a clear line of sight regarding the status of the claim, including photos that document the loss and voice-to-text notes that are taken by the Project Manager or on-site crew. This allows the Adjuster to immediately respond to the customer and share the status of their claim and eliminates the need to reach out to the Project Manager. Similarly, if an inquiry is made while the Project Manager is on-site, they can immediately provide the insured with any updated documents, schedules, or timelines using the Encircle Mobile App, allowing for a more user-friendly customer experience.

Encircle helps you process claims faster. For the Adjuster, claims can be managed more efficiently through real-time updates and progress reports. The insured also has greater visibility into the status of their claim, and as a result of this transparency, inquiries to the insurer decrease. As a result of the Adjuster no longer needing to request status updates, communication between the Project Manager and the Adjuster is also reduced, saving time.

Encircle makes it possible for the Project Manager to spend more time on the road and manage claims with the reassurance that claims are fully documented. Back at the office, claims can be pre-assessed and dispatched to the Project Managers that can handle them most effectively. Claims are documented while the Project Manager is on-site and customers are happy with both the insurer and restorer because they are fully informed on the progress of their claim.

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