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How to use Organization Administrator Permission settings in Encircle

Did you know that Organization Administrators have higher permission levels in Encircle? This allows them to do things like make payments and view billing information, update the branding for their organization, or invite users and adjust their permissions on the web application (using their computer.

It’s important to have at least two Organization Administrators on your account so that if one of your Organization Administrators is on vacation, or otherwise out of the office, someone else is able to do things like add users or reset passwords, so that no one is left waiting. This also ensures consistency in the event that one of your Organization Administrators leaves your company.

If you only have one Organization Administrator in your organization, that person can create a second Organization Administrator by logging into Encircle on their computer and clicking on Settings on the left-hand menu. Then they can scroll down and click Members. On the Members page, they can find the user who should be an additional Organization Administrator, and click the three dots on the right side of the screen and select Edit Member. On the Edit Member page, there is a check box for Organization Administrator permissions.

2021-09-14_11-18-07 (1)Organization Administrators add users to your organization in Encircle. It’s helpful to make sure that all users who should be in your organization have joined before sharing a claim with them. If you share a claim with someone who is not a member of your organization, they may receive an invoice for accepting that share. You can find more information about how Encircle charges in this Help Article.

As a best practice, we recommend that each user or device have its own email login/Encircle account. Doing this makes it easier for Encircle Support to investigate issues a user may run into, like stuck syncs or bugs. It also makes account management and security easier for Organization Administrators when a user leaves the company. 


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