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September 13, 2022

Here's what you need to know about Encircle's 2D floor plan feature

Here’s what you need to know about Floor Plan, the 2D floor plan sketching tool within our field documentation platform

What is it?

Those operating in the property insurance and restoration industry will be able to scan jobs in under 5 minutes—using only their phone—and receive a precise, professional 2D floor plan delivered back to them in 90 minutes on average (always within 6 hours). Encircle floor plans can then be imported into Xactimate for an instant sketch, to start estimates on Day 1.

How does it work?

  1. In the Encircle mobile app, create a scan video by walking through the property continuously—without having to stop in each room, or start again between floors.
  2. Submit your video scan for processing.
  3. Receive a professional, 2D floor plan with room dimensions 90 mins later (on average, guaranteed within 6 hours).
  4. Optional: Import your floor plan into Xactimate for an instant sketch, to start your estimate on Day 1!

How does it help you?

1 quick, continuous scan

It takes mere MINUTES to scan jobs. No more stops and starts, or having to “set-up” in each room. No more time spent tediously measuring and drawing by hand, or carrying around special cameras, and having to train employees how to use them. Still measuring by hand or breaking out heavy expensive cameras? You’ll find Encircle Floor Plan much faster and easier for everyone to use, saving hours in the field.

It’s super simple

All you need is your smartphone. Anyone can do it. And we mean anyone—seriously, we tested this out on 7 year olds! There’s a lot of turnover in the restoration industry, so it’s pretty clutch that any tech with a smartphone can easily complete the scan, no training required.

You no longer need to have a specially trained employee or send a PM out to the site—anyone with an Android device, or an iPhone can do it. If your iPhone has LiDAR, you can also leverage that to increase the accuracy of the scan.

It’s hella fast

Once you hit send, you’ll receive the 2D floor plan the same day, usually within 90 minutes. While other sketching solutions charge rush fees for fast turnaround, we guarantee a 6 hour turnaround time at no extra cost.

No more waiting to start estimates

As is the nature of the restoration biz, things move fast. So a quick turnaround for your sketch is key to being able to hustle right off the bat—and crush those KPIs.

Getting the floor plan delivered same day enables you to start your estimates much faster than the typical 24-72 hour turnaround time from other solutions. Plus, Encircle is integrated with Xactimate, so your floor plans can be imported for an instant Xactimate sketch with just a couple of clicks! Think about the time this will save your estimators... all your estimates can be started on Day 1!

Built-in live user guidance steers you right

Encircle Floor Plan has built-in live user guidance, so you’ll know if you’re going off track while scanning. For example, if you get too close to a wall or move too quickly during scanning, a prompt will let you know to ensure you get a complete, accurate scan, the first time around for a professional looking 2D floor plan.

It’s wicked accurate

Nobody’s perfect, right? But we’re pretty damn close. Encircle Floor Plan is 95% accurate (97% accurate with a LiDAR phone)—well within the tolerances of insurance carriers.

How many times have you had to drive all the way back to the job site to collect that 1 rogue measurement? With Encircle Floor Plan, you get dialed-in dimensions on Day 1, reducing the chance of human error. The result? Accurate measurements and a professional-looking 2D floor plan, on every job.

Easy room labels

While scanning, you’ll be able to apply custom room labels with your voice, “kitchen, primary bedroom, etc.” But if you’d rather keep it simple, Encircle Floor Plan uses AI to intuitively label them for you.

Your most common questions:

I’m already getting 3D dollhouses made up. Why do I need this?

3D tours are a nice-to-have for marketing, but not a must-have for creating accurate estimates that will pass carrier scrutiny. Encircle Floor Plan can be used on every job to help you start your estimate on the same day, and get paid faster. You'll save time and money by not having to purchase slower and more expensive sketch files 3D solutions. Plus, you won't have to deal with lugging around expensive cameras and tripods, or waiting for trained team members to be available.

Want to help adjusters feel like they are on the job site with you? Take advantage of video in Encircle to help tell the story of the loss, provide additional context that can't be captured in photos alone, and build a solid estimate.

👉 Learn more about video scopes here.

Sounds great - what’s it going to cost?

Encircle Floor Plan is priced at $29 per floor plan when you pay-as-you-go. You are also able to purchase a monthly subscription that offers a discounted price per floor plan. To get your floor plan imported into an instant Xactimate sketch, there will be an additional $10 fee.

Click here to view pricing in more detail.

Remember that since all you need is your smartphone to capture a property, there are no additional costs to consider, like cameras or hardware. Plus, we won’t charge extra fees to have your floor plan delivered back to you quickly. Our fast turnaround time is available for everyone, all the time.

You can capture an entire property up to 10,000 square feet in one scan, even across multiple floors! Should you choose to capture multiple, individual scans for one property, you will be charged for each individual floor plan scan submitted for processing.

Can I create individual room sketches?

Yes, you can use the Encircle Floor Plan tool to create individual room sketches. Users will also be able to create moisture maps for water jobs. Use the 2D floor plan to highlight the areas of water damage, show your moisture points, and place your equipment right on the map to enhance the story of the water loss—what happened, what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it.

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