Floor plans, right from your phone.


Good field documentation requires accurate floor plans, quickly.


Encircle Floor Plans:
as low as $20 USD/per floor plan.

Capture property dimensions & get the floor plan back the same day.

short-training-lessons-iconHella fast.

Scan a property in 5 minutes, get your floor plan same-day, & estimates started earlier.

encircle-simple-iconSuper simple.

No training needed. Walk through the property with your phone, scanning, & send to cloud. 

accurate-iconWicked accurate.

Get dialed-in dimensions on Day 1, and a professional floor plan on every single restoration job.

Fast floor plans, without the fuss.

  • Stop sketching by hand.
  • Stop getting inconsistent sketches.
  • Stop waiting days to write your estimates.

  • Stop risking breaking those expensive cameras.
  • Stop paying more based on property size.
  • Stop needing specialized training to capture a property. 

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