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Legal Issues for Coronavirus Contracts

In this portion of the webinar, Ed Cross covers the legal issues for Coronavirus contracts. The Coronavirus may result in more lawsuits than any other event in history and the global financial ramifications are daunting.

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With Coronavirus (COVID-19), reducing the number of physical interactions you have with customers by using digital work procedures and workflows has become really important. Using a tool like Encircle, you can send contracts out and get them signed remotely. The silver lining of any digital workflow is that it can drive efficiency for your business and reduce the cost of your non-billables. Watch the webinar to learn more.

Ed Cross has worked with Encircle to create mobile-friendly COVID-19 legal forms. Customers receive a text message with a link to the contract and they can easily initial or sign the form remotely. Once purchased from Ed, the forms will be available within Encircle.

Check out to get the COVID-19 contracts from Ed Cross.


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