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May 3, 2019

Claims insight: Embracing change, running a successful pilot

Claims processes are always evolving; searching for new ways to improve performance and the customer experience. Yet, it’s hard to leave legacy programs entrenched in processes that adjusters are familiar with behind. Even if there is a desire for change, the transformation process can be daunting. Here are some of the pitfalls when implementing change and how Encircle can make the transformation easier.


Without frontline involvement, it is difficult to successfully implement change. When employees are not effectively engaged in the decision-making process, they are apprehensive to try new technologies or procedures. Besides a failure to launch, it can also attribute to low morale, and loss of overall production. While management may have accurately assessed the opportunities for improvement, the perception left with the frontline is that their input wasn’t valued. Also, management’s perceived concerns may be old or resolved, or new issues may have recently arisen that management may not be aware of yet. The frontline has the benefit of working with the current programs daily and have already developed their own solutions, resulting in management missing an opportunity to share best practices.

One of the first steps in Encircle’s implementation process, is engaging the frontline. Time is spent shadowing the claims team, identifying the difficulties they are currently experiencing and how the Encircle platform can be most effectively used to streamline their current processes.

The frontline stays heavily involved throughout the pilot. Identified from frontline users, an effective champion or champions are selected to help lead the transformation team. Through this engagement, any process issues or concerns can be quickly identified and addressed.


New processes are often introduced as a complete overhaul of the current processes. With no familiarity, the transition becomes more difficult and may cause the employee to return to the processes that they are more comfortable with. The implementation needs to be gradual and not overwhelming.

Prior to implementation, Encircle maps out current processes and identifies opportunities where the platform can enhance performance and save on costs. Our implementation team monitors performance closely. In the early stages of the pilot, adjusters and advisors are shadowed and are provided with assistance and advice. Regular meetings with the transformation team are held to address any concerns and make recommendations. The result is a comfortable transition that can be expanded on as the adjuster gains confidence.

Even prior to coming onboard with Encircle, the insurer can benefit from the baseline workflow that has been developed specifically for the contractor. Encircle’s Baseline Workflow helps the contractor create a thoroughly documented file that includes detailed reports, comprehensive scoping documentation, complete contents listed and priced, and all signed authorizations. Once the adjuster becomes familiar with the outputs they are now receiving from their contractors, they can take the next step of using the Encircle platform themselves.


Once a pilot is launched, it is often left to run its course and then reviewed upon completion. As a result, pilots are often proven unsuccessful because compliance wasn’t monitored, new processes weren’t followed consistently, or problems with the new processes were not addressed as soon as they were identified.

Once a program is launched, the Encircle team stays closely involved, monitoring compliance and ensuring the new process is being followed effectively. Regular review meetings are held with the transformation team to listen to feedback, review performance, and take corrective actions when necessary. A mid-term review of the pilot involving all stakeholders to assess the success is also recommended. This includes an overall review of the performance of the pilot, identifying both successes as well as opportunities.



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