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February 14, 2023

What early testers are saying about our new 2D floor plan feature

Restorers are now creating same-day 2D floor plans with our latest feature: Encircle Floor Plan. Early tester feedback indicates that it is among the fastest and easiest floor plan solutions for restorers! 🎉

What early testers had to say about our newest feature: Encircle Floor Plan

What early testers had to say about Encircle Floor Plan

Encircle has released the newest feature within its field documentation app: Encircle Floor Plan

With Encircle Floor Plan anyone can capture properties using just their phone - no equipment or training needed - and get accurate, professional floor plans delivered back within a few hours.

Anyone on a job site can simply walk through the impacted areas, using their smartphone camera to capture room dimensions and visualize properties. No additional equipment or extensive training is required—technicians do not need anything other than their smartphone to quickly and accurately scan properties. Different levels of a property can be captured within one continuous scan within Encircle’s mobile app, and will be represented in a multi-level floor plan.

It's fast. It's simple. It's accurate. Here's what restorers are saying:

"It takes mere minutes to do an entire 2,500 square foot house!”

“It’s as close to instant digital sketches as we can get! Saves SO much time at the job!”

“It’s the least amount of training I’ve had to do on any new software that we’ve ever brought in!”

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