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August 29, 2023

Which Encircle Hydro moisture report is right for you?

A restorers guide to choosing a report in Encircle Hydro

In the 24/7 world of emergency water mitigation and property restoration, efficient documentation can make or break your profitability. As a restoration contractor, you understand the significance of having the right tools to accurately communicate the details of the damage and drying progress to clients, insurance adjusters, and other stakeholders. Encircle Hydro is the only paperless moisture documentation tool that reduces pushback and protects your profits on every water job.

But with a few different options for moisture reports in Hydro, how do you choose the one that ensures fast approvals, full payments, and minimal friction? 

Documentation is crucial for water losses

Before diving into the different moisture reports, it's important to grasp the essential documentation required for a water loss. Whether you're dealing with toilet leaks, burst pipes, or flooding from a hurricane, meticulous moisture documentation is essential on every water job. Documentation plays a pivotal role in getting approvals from adjusters, agreeing on scope, securing payment for the work completed, and protecting your business long-term.

Accurate documentation minimizes uncertainties, making the entire process easier on everyone.

How Hydro helps

Encircle Hydro acts as your digital sidekick in moisture documentation, with features designed to simplify the water damage restoration workflow. Your team can work together in the field, follow the checklist, and plug in all of the moisture data you need to create fast, professional reports. The platform offers several different reports, each catering to different needs and use cases. Here, we'll break down key features and the different report types you can choose from:

1. Hydro Full Report
The Hydro Full Report contains every last detail about that water job. It includes a full and complete drying log, with all readings, equipment information, as well as reading photos and notes. If you want to give the adjuster everything they could possibly need to see what happened during drying, this is the report for you.

2. Hydro Summary Report
The Hydro Summary Report is a comprehensive, though slightly more condensed document that includes dry logs and equipment information. This report excludes some reading photos and lists only the first and last two readings. The Hydro Summary Report shines when you want to provide a comprehensive timeline of the drying process without overwhelming the reader with too many details.

3. Hydro Equipment Report
The Hydro Equipment Report is a streamlined document containing only drying equipment-related information. It includes recommendations, energy usage, and time on site. If you're looking for a simple equipment log, this report is your ideal choice. The Hydro Equipment Report keeps things focused on equipment-related details, offering a clear overview of your setup.

4. Hydro Carrier Report
The Hydro Carrier Report is designed to meet the formatting preference of a small number of carriers. Like the other reports, it contains equipment recommendations, moisture maps, reading photos, and a drying log. This report presents this information in a format familiar to adjusters and reviewers with certain carriers. If you're dealing with carriers who insist on a specific report style, the Hydro Carrier Report meets that need, while ensuring you provide all the necessary details.

Making the right choice

Selecting the most appropriate moisture report hinges on understanding the needs of your client, the insurance requirements, and your preferred workflow. Consider the following scenarios:

  1. Detail-oriented clients: For clients who value thoroughness, the Hydro Full Report is a strong contender. It showcases your dedication to a comprehensive restoration process, instilling confidence in your approach.
  2. Swift approvals: When speed is crucial, the Hydro Summary Report can be your go-to. Its focused content allows insurance adjusters to swiftly comprehend the situation, expediting approvals.
  3. Comprehensive justification: If you're receiving pushback or being questioned on your equipment, the Hydro Equipment report will give you the detailed information you need to justify the amount and length of time drying equipment was needed on site. It demonstrates your expertise while aligning with industry best practices.
Streamlining approvals and payments

In the world of restoration, delayed approvals and withheld payments can be frustrating and jeopardize your cash flow. However, with a digital tool for moisture documentation and a consistent workflow, you can minimize pushback and delays. By using Hydro to capture detailed readings and presenting it in a comprehensive report, you leave little room for uncertainty and interpretation.

Ultimately, the ideal moisture report hinges on your specific situation. As you explore Encircle Hydro and its features, use your expertise and experience to factor in the unique demands of each project.

For a deeper dive into the different moisture reports available on Encircle Hydro, see here. For more training or to get a demo on Encircle Hydro, please contact


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