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February 1, 2022

Video round up: Restoration quick tips part 2

Each month, Encircle VP and restoration expert Kris Rzesnoski, CR, WLS, FLS, CLS, RTPE publishes his best quick tips for restoration contractors to improve profitability, job documentation, water damage restoration, contents management, and much more.

Here's a round up of the last month's latest videos!

What adjusters look for in a drying report

In this restoration quick tip, Kris explains what adjusters are looking for in your water damage reports--and if you're actually making it harder for them to understand.

How to measure and mark moisture points

In this quick tip, we talk about moisture points. Kris demonstrates how to measure and how to mark them on a restoration job site.

How to properly take your air readings

Could you be getting false readings? In this restoration quick tip, industry expert Kris Rzesnoski demonstrates how to properly take air readings to avoid bad psychrometrics.

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