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June 13, 2024

CAT Readiness Playbook
Now earn 3 IICRC CE credits!

Weather the storm: CAT response strategies for restorers

iicrc-continuing-education-provider-whtEarn 3 IICRC CE credits

Tackle disasters with confidence.
Are you prepared to lead your team through any CAT event?

We surveyed attendees of our CAT readiness webinars and found that:

over-40-percentJust over 40% of restorers said it takes them more than 12 weeks to be paid for their CAT work.
over-50-percentOver half of restorers see higher profit margins on CAT jobs compared to non-CAT jobs.
over-65-percentTwo-thirds of restorers have found their previous CAT work to be profitable.

Don't just manage CAT events‌ — ‌excel during them. Our free CAT Readiness Playbook offers restorers like you with actionable strategies to:

  1. Navigate CAT response planning: Understand how to prepare with robust pre-season planning and effective disaster response strategies.
  2. Build and empower a resilient restoration team: Learn crucial crew training techniques and leadership skills for managing high-pressure situations confidently.
  3. Streamline property restoration claims: Accelerate your insurance claims process using Encircle's streamlined documentation and claims handling features.

Download the CAT Readiness Playbook today and transform disaster challenges into opportunities for growth and leadership in restoration.


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