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August 1, 2023

Top 10 missed line items on repair estimates

Do you want to increase your margins? Seems like an obvious answer… and yet property restoration companies are leaving money on the table by missing several line items from their estimates!

Kris RzesnoskiCertified Restorer, Kris Rzesnoski, provided this list of top ten items that you should be including to make the most of your repair work. Read on to learn and earn!

1. Site Protection 🛡️

Showing site protection in one large batch makes it more difficult to get paid. Instead, break down site protection in the order of operations, per each section like painting and then in drywall etc.

2. Light Bulbs 💡

In the past, light bulbs were cheaper, but with LED light bulbs ranging between $4 - $12 a light bulb, forgetting to include these can quickly cut into your margins.

3. Blinds 🪟

Restorers often forget to install blinds that were removed during the mitigation. If they are left in place and get dirty, they’ll need to be cleaned and then reinstalled — a double hit to the restorer. Charge for their removal in the mitigation, so you can have them placed back in the rebuild.

4. Alarms, Doorbells & Speakers 🔊

Usually easy to deal with and detach, but often missed in both detaching, and masking for painting. Use the masking of a light feature to compensate for this as well.

5. Switches & Occupancy Sensors 👁️

Unique occupancy and motion sensors are more common in homes today. Due to their size they are not often scoped for, but the price of these items will erode your profits if not caught! When doing quick switch counts, note motion sensors!

6. Doors 🚪

Planing and retrofitting a door to fit the proper height is a way for you to be compensated for measuring and cutting the door. This is required on most doors and will add an additional $80 - $100 of revenue.

7. Cabinets’ Accessories 🧱

Cabinets have a variety of items that will build your revenue. Side and end panels are an additional cost on top of the uppers, full, and lower cabinet units. Frosted or glass doors, lazy Susan’s, lighting, and valances are typical items that are missed.

8. Counter Top Decking 🚻

Most counter tops are missing mitre cuts, counter top decking. Little things add up and these counters can be quite costly.

9. Appliances 📺

We see photographs of appliances moved out of the room but there are no charges to detach those items included. Resetting the appliances is a big part of that “finished” look and can add substantial revenue.

10. Flooring Moisture Testing 🌊

Flooring installers worry about the impact substrate moisture content will have on their materials. This is especially true when it comes to the restoration world where moisture levels may still be elevated from the mitigation process. Performing moisture tests to ensure that the moisture has reached equilibrium is key to the success of a flooring project, but rarely charged for.

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