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June 28, 2023

Restorer reactions: Feedback on Encircle Floor Plan

It's been a few months since the launch of Encircle Floor Plan so we wanted to hear from real restorers on how things are going!

We love the excitement, but don't take it from us — here's a recap of the feedback we received from Encircle customers.

Restorers recap their experience, in their own words

Feedback on Encircle Floor Plan - Restorer's reactions


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Keep reading to find out what else our customers had to say…

Restorers save time by using Encircle Floor Plan

During our customer survey, 80% of restorers indicated that Floor Plan saves them more than 30 minutes per job. 38% of restorers said it saves them more than an hour per job.

Time saved per job with Encircle Floor Plan.

How does Floor Plan save restorers so much time? It has to do with the fast and easy capture method using a video scan. It’s no wonder then, that customers rated the speed of Floor Plan to capture a property 4.4 out of 5 stars.Speed to capture with Encircle Floor Plan.

Floor Plan is super easy to use

We asked customers to rate the ease of use of Encircle Floor Plan, and the average rating was 4.62 stars out of 5 (That’s almost a perfect score!).

Ease of use of Encircle Floor Plan.

This highlights just how simple it is to get a property sketch using Encircle Floor Plan, versus other sketching methods.

Restorers recommend Encircle Floor Plan to industry peers

We asked our customers how likely they would be to recommend Encircle Floor Plan to colleagues/peers in the industry. The average response was 8.8 out of 10, with 10 being extremely likely.

Likelihood of recommending Floor Plan to colleagues.

Try Encircle Floor Plan today to see why it is so highly recommended.


More feedback from customers

“The Floor Plan feature has helped me estimate and scope jobs much faster than before. It's simple to use, accurate, and the results come back faster than other, more expensive, mapping platforms.”

- Dave Abarahamse, Production Manager, STOP Restoration, North Charlotte

“This has made my site inspection about 1/4 of the original time I needed. This sketches complex areas & simple areas with a high degree of accuracy. Would recommend this tool to anyone that needs to sketch.”

- Brett Wilkinson, Project Coordinator, Paul Davis Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

“Our clients have been amazed by the level of professionalism and attention to detail we provide with the help of the Encircle Floor Plan. The visually appealing and precise floor plans not only showcase the layout of their properties but also aid in better decision-making. Whether it's planning renovations, furniture arrangements, or even assessing property values, our customers find these floor plans immensely helpful.”

- Steve Taylor, Owner, RestoPros NE Georgia

“Encircle Floor Plan function works extremely well even when there is large volumes of contents blocking the view of the wall/floor. The ease of use is amazing and combining this with the speed to scan a single room or an entire structure makes my time on site much more effective to complete the entire scope of work.”

- Doug Crawford, Project Manager, Paul Davis GTA West

“Our technicians and managers all have found the tool easy to use and I think the biggest compliment I can make is that it instantly became a part of our SOP with no push back from anyone. I can't think of a single technology rollout that has every had that claim to fame.”

- Jim Kinsley, Project Manager, Crossroads Property Rescue, WV

“Floor plan has saved me a ton of time on site and allows me to get to more inspections per day. With how busy we are, it makes the entire week a lot less stressful!”

- Jason Lane, Estimator, First Onsite

“I personally love the floor plan tool more then you can imagine. It has saved my coworkers and I countless hours on the start of new jobs. It has made our turn around time on new losses substantially quicker.”

- Cooper Gustafson, Dry Out Systems, Inc., Anchorage, AK

“The floor plan tool is awesome! And trust me, technology is not my natural comfort zone. I was pretty happy with my paper room sketches. But this is so much more professional.”

- Tim Chapin, Project Manager, Restoration 1, OH

“I encourage anyone who gets the Encircle program to really, really use the floor plan. It will definitely save you time. It's worth its weight in gold, and I highly recommend it.”

- Sidney Barnes, Owner, Clean Teck Pros

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