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February 21, 2020

Encircle streamlines documentation during Hurricane Harvey clean-up


Location: Rolling Meadows, IL

Founded: 1982

Industry: Restoration


Inspect and document losses quickly during a catastrophe

Encircle Mobile App as their field documentation toolbr>

3 project managers inspected and documented 116 apartments across 30 buildings in 2 days

Real-time communication bridges the gap between the field and the office.


Hurricane Harvey was one of the largest hurricanes to hit the United States. It devastated Eastern Texas, causing extensive flooding and an estimated $125 billion in damage. In its aftermath, there was an unprecedented catastrophe response. Hundreds of restoration contractors, adjusters, and service providers from across the United States came together to help Texas get back on its feet. The Greater Chicago Area-based J.C. Restoration was one of the many restoration companies called in to assist with the clean-up. Known for their expertise and top-notch customer service, J.C. Restoration knew they had their work cut out for them when they arrived in Texas.

Catastrophe responses require a lot of coordination and collaboration between restoration contractors and adjusters to help policyholders get back to their homes as soon as possible. To start the catastrophe response, J.C. Restoration needed a field documentation and productivity tool that could bridge the gap between their field and office teams while enabling all stakeholders to work collaboratively on the claims.

Arriving with a team of 90, J.C. Restoration had a lot of moving pieces to keep track of, “at first, I remember thinking, how are we going to keep all of this straight?” Josh Bachman, Director of Operations said, “but soon it became very clear just how efficiently things were running on Encircle.”


Known for simplifying field documentation and providing remote visibility, the Encircle Mobile App was just the tool J.C. Restoration needed to start their response. The Encircle Mobile App allowed the field teams to document as soon as they arrived on-site—instantly providing visual facts and documenting the scope of damage that their office team and adjuster could see in real-time on the Encircle Web App. J.C. Restoration was able to improve communication between their teams, allowing them to work collaboratively and move quickly on a claim regardless of their physical location.

“With Encircle, we were set up in an hour and sharing updates in real-time. Encircle was critical in bridging communications between the field and all involved, regardless of their location, and decisions were made instantly.”



Encircle helped J.C. Restoration improve their communication and workflow so much so that three project managers were able to inspect and document 116 apartments across 30 buildings in two days! Even better, Encircle improved collaboration between restorers and adjusters, allowing both to work in parallel while focusing on their individual tasks, helping reduce cycle times and improve the policyholder’s experience. “It was empowering knowing that we didn’t have to take time away from our production efforts to take calls from stakeholders,” Bachman added. “They just looked on Encircle to get the answers to their questions while the rest of the team focused on the task at hand.”

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