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February 26, 2020

Quality First Builder's efficiencies improved using Encircle

Location: Orlando, FL
Founded: 1992
Industry: Restoration

Didn’t have a mobile documentation solution for their field teams and didn’t have consistent templates

Encircle for remote visibility and photo documentation.

Fast, efficient and consistent

QFB highly recommends Encircle because it’s easy to use and customer service and support is amazing

Quality First Builders was incorporated in November of 1992 by John and Lisa Burket in Orlando, Florida. They handle both residential and commercial losses with a wide variety of specializations including flood mitigation, fire and biohazard cleanup and odour abatement. The company has a large team of experts that offer a personal touch and a one-on-one approach that their clients appreciate. They’ve grown substantially over the years, but both John and Lisa continue to be active participants in day-to-day operations.


We sat down with John Burket - QFB Owner/President and Peter Liter, Quality Assurance Manager to talk about their Encircle experience.

Before Encircle, the QFB team didn’t have a mobile documentation solution for their field teams. While their previous software tool was geared towards office use, the field teams were left using their personal phones to capture photos. And time-sensitive forms and documents could also take days to get back to the office when they were handled in a paper-based world. Sometimes it took 2-3 days for technicians to get back to the office and manually upload photos etc into their office software.

Not having a good mobile solution also meant they didn’t have consistent templates, so QFB field technicians didn’t always know what information they needed to capture.


After hearing about Encircle from other contractors and meeting our team at a tradeshow in New Orleans, the QFB team successfully deployed Encircle in April 2018. Their office staff were able to set up templates in Encircle ensuring their field techs knew exactly what information to capture using the mobile app. This information is instantly uploaded to the Encircle web app so QFB office staff have immediate insight into the loss.

Encircle digitized custom forms which were previously being filled out with pen and paper (work authorizations, certificates of completion, etc.). This means the office and field teams now have easy-to-read PDF documents that are centralized in the Encircle platform. Using Encircle’s Link tool, the QFB team can send these digitized documents in order to remotely capture the necessary signatures from their homeowners - even before arriving at the job site. No more waiting around for documents to come back to the office!

And deployment and training was easy. After just a few meetings with subcontractors, everything ‘just clicked’ for their teams of users.

“Our subs that are doing work on properties update photographs before they leave every night and document how far along they are. PM's can look at those photographs to make sure everything's where they want it to be. It's not going to circumvent on-site inspection, but it could potentially put out a fire before it starts if they see something off a little bit.”



Using Encircle is instantaneous. If there’s a problem in the field, it can be resolved quickly using the information that was captured in the Encircle platform. The interface is very user-friendly and people latch onto it quickly.

QFB has been able to improve their processes and create consistency across all of their jobs as a result of using Encircle. Employees can easily generate reports and share them with adjusters and carriers in real-time. Accordingly, QFB has been able to get jobs approved by the carriers and get paid faster.

In addition to the platform, QFB values the exceptional customer service and support they get from Encircle. The support and success teams have been able to resolve issues quickly when they arise and email and phone response times are exceptional.


Get complete and consistent field documentation everytime.

Learn how Encircle can help you and your field teams ease the documentation burden.