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October 24, 2019

Encircle Helps Superior Restoration DKI Improve Insurance KPIs

Location: Peterborough, ON
Founded: 1959
Industry: Restoration

Managing multiple claims efficiently

Encircle Mobile App and Moisture Tracking

Improved KPIs and more claims processed

Superior Restoration Processes More Claims Faster with Encircle


Superior Restoration–DKI is a cleaning and restoration company serving the Peterborough and Lindsay communities. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and quality work, Superior Restoration looks to technology to help improve their processes.

“When we satisfy the policyholder and carrier, it makes us more successful, and we are awarded more jobs,” Bob Webb, owner of Superior Restoration - DKI explained. “So we need tools that deliver value and make an impact on everyone’s bottom line. If they’re happy, then we get repeat business.”

Insurance companies use key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and evaluate restoration contractors in their network. For contractors looking to grow their business and win more jobs, it is imperative that they meet and exceed those KPIs.

Prior to deploying Encircle, Superior Restoration struggled with limited visibility into the field and getting information back to the office in a timely manner. When a claim was made, a first responder would visit the site to evaluate the loss and start the mitigation process. When they returned to the office, they would manually upload their photos and notes. Once uploaded, administrative staff would prepare the necessary paperwork for the insurance companies and start the estimating process. This could take up to two weeks to complete.


Recognizing that they needed to get information back from the field faster, Superior Restoration decided to trial the Encircle platform. The Encircle Mobile App made it easy for their field staff to inspect, monitor, and document losses. Photos and reports became instantly available to all stakeholders on a claim, allowing Superior Restoration’s office team and adjusters to work collaboratively and in parallel, significantly reducing cycle times.

“... From the job site, my first responder used the Encircle Mobile App to create a claim, and within seconds, I had photos and notes on my phone to assess the situation. With this real-time information, I made quick decisions about resources and equipment and got everything I needed to the site, right away.”



Before deploying Encircle, it used to take Superior Restoration three to four days to complete their reporting, plus a week or two for preparing additional paperwork and estimating. With Encircle they were able to reduce that time so that the end-to-end process was completed in a few hours.

Additionally, Encircle gave Superior Restoration real-time visibility into a loss, enabling them to dispatch the right people and equipment the first time. Estimators were equally pleased when they only had to visit the site once as all information, photos, sketches, and reports were available on the Encircle platform.

Lastly, Encircle helps Superior Restoration create custom reports for independent adjusters and other insurance professionals. “We’re greatly improving our KPIs,” added Webb. “We’re closing claims quicker, getting paid faster by insurance companies, and processing more claims overall.” Now when homeowners experience a loss, Superior Restoration is at the top of the list of recommended contractors that is provided by insurance carriers.

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