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August 10, 2022

Sustainability in property restoration: PPCR’s proactive approach

Location: Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Founded: 2015
Industry: Full-service restoration company

Cut carbon footprint by 25% through transport emissions reduction.
Boosted sustainability with 22 waste streams and 17 EV chargers.
Better ROI and employee retention from financial and operational gains.

Embracing sustainability in property restoration: PPCR’s vision

Platinum Pro-Claim Restoration (PPCR) began its journey with a vision to minimize its environmental impact, and today, it stands as the premier “green” restoration company in Canada, reaping unexpected benefits, including financial gains.


Reducing environmental impact in property restoration

PPCR’s move to a larger facility came with an increased carbon footprint and higher energy costs. Recognizing the urgent need for environmental responsibility, PPCR aimed to revamp its operations to align with sustainable practices. The first steps they took were crucial in setting the stage for their ongoing commitment to eco-friendly practices.

First steps towards sustainable restoration practices: A mini checklist

  • Upgrade lighting: PPCR switched from metal halide to LED motion-sensing lights for better energy efficiency.
  • Transition to electric vehicles (EVs): They also began replacing internal combustion engine vehicles with EVs and installed two EV chargers on-site.
  • Improve waste management: PPCR set up three dedicated recycling bins on-site for wood, drywall, and metal and aimed to reduce landfill contributions.

These steps not only help the environment but also improve how restoration businesses operate and save money.

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Integrating Encircle for efficient sustainability reporting

The transition to sustainable practices was streamlined by adopting Encircle’s digital tools, which made tracking sustainability metrics of PPCR’s sustainability efforts, from waste management to energy usage, accurate and effortless.

“Software has to come in and help drive this even further, [and] relieve some of the burden of the back-end," explains Leland Guttridge, General Manager, PPCR

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Enhanced sustainability and operational efficiency

PPCR's commitment to sustainability yielded impressive results:

Less carbon emission reduction: Transportation-related emissions were cut by 25%.

Waste management efficiency: Achieved a 76% reduction in landfill waste — equating to 2,300 cubic yards of debris

Financial benefits and employee engagement: PPCR has seen better returns on their investments than they expected, and their employees are happier and sticking around longer.

“We’ve taken a holistic approach that it’s not just one switch you flip. It’s not just five or six steps you take. It’s layering on different programs as you see success.”

— Jamie Madill, CEO & Director of Sustainability, Pro-Claim Group

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Leading the restoration industry in environmental responsibility

Looking ahead, PPCR is focused on setting new standards for the restoration industry. With ongoing expansions in their sustainability measures and continued use of Encircle, PPCR is poised to lead the charge in environmental responsibility.

“It’s our stated goal and vision to elevate our entire industry through these efforts, and also to use collaboration as the replacement for competition so we can all change the world together, rather than try and do it individually.”

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