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January 6, 2022

Video round up: Restoration quick tips summary

Each month, Encircle VP and restoration expert Kris Rzesnoski, CR, WLS, FLS, CLS, RTPE publishes his best quick tips for restoration contractors to improve profitability, job documentation, water damage restoration, contents management, and much more.

Here's a round up of the last month's latest videos!

What to do to avoid scope creep

Do you struggle with scope creep in your restoration business? You're not alone. Here's one simple way to combat it.

Inspections vs. Monitoring

In this restoration tip, Kris explains the difference in inspections vs monitoring. If you're waiting two or three days to review your readings, it's already too late.

How to get a good exterior reading every time

In this Encircle quick tip, restoration expert Kris Rzenoski shows you how to get a good exterior reading every time.

Why a health and safety questionnaire is critical for restorers

Are you doing health and safety questionnaires on each of your restoration jobs? If not, here's why you should be.

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