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May 10, 2022

Restorers want choice in water mitigation software – not mandates!

Proper documentation is critical for contractors to get paid in full and effectively communicate with all interested parties. With carriers and TPAs demanding more when it comes to documentation, the burden falls on the restoration contractor to adapt, or risk invoices being scrubbed and losing out on work as a preferred vendor. Having a water mitigation software that works in the field is key.;

With so many restoration contractors still using pen and paper for field documentation processes for water losses* and carriers pushing back, there is a crisis unfolding. Restoration contractors need a digital documentation solution that is as reliable and accessible as paper and pen, easy to use for their field teams, and meets the compliance demands of carriers and TPAs.

Some large franchise groups have built their own water mitigation software solutions in-house. But, for the majority of the industry, the consolidation of water mitigation software companies over the past two years, combined with the mandated use of specific software by a few major carriers has left little to no choice for contractors when it comes to a tech solution to use for moisture documentation.

Who likes being told how to run their business?

Nobody. Sure, carriers can mandate the data and even the format they need from their restoration partners on water jobs. This allows them to set accurate loss reserves and make quick and confident decisions about the coverage for the insured. They can even mandate that restoration contractors carry out mitigation based on the IICRC S500 standard to have confidence that the property is dry and the customer is happy.

But should they be mandating specific water mitigation software to be used to collect that data?

We think not. Especially if that mandated software isn’t an effective solution for in-field documentation. Contractors want a mobile software solution that actually works in the field for a change and makes field documentation faster, easier, and more reliable. The restorers have spoken, choosing Encircle as the RIA’s 2022  & 2023 Contractors Choice Award for best product.


2022 & 2023



As part of the Encircle app, Hydro follows a consistent workflow based on the S500 standard. And because it’s what we do best, you know it’s going to be dead-easy to capture moisture data right there in the field on any smartphone or tablet, even if there is no internet connection available. Multiple users can work in the file at the same time, making it even faster for field teams to capture moisture readings, place equipment, and dry buildings.

The data captured in Encircle Hydro automatically syncs with the office, giving the admin team real-time access to the job details and the ability to create a comprehensive moisture report in minutes. No more unnecessary time spent deciphering handwriting and transcribing paper notes from the field into the water mitigation software back at the office.

If you’ve had enough with being forced to use software that just doesn’t cut the mustard, consider making Encircle Hydro the water mitigation software you rely on for your teams to document every water mitigation job. Not only will Hydro digitize your water documentation, but you can also use Encircle for documenting every one of your jobs, big or small. Capture photos, videos, and notes, sketch, manage contents, create reports and custom forms, and capture signatures remotely. All in one app. All for one flat rate fee per job.





Get complete and consistent field documentation everytime.

Learn how Encircle can help you and your field teams ease the documentation burden.