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November 12, 2019

Thoughts from our CEO: Efficiency

1 minute read

Building a sustainable business in our fast-changing world is tougher than at any point in history. We're all forced to strive for greater efficiency, or risk becoming obsolete. That’s the case whether you're a restoration contractor, independent adjusting firm, or insurer. The challenge is having enough visibility and control over your business to be able to change and adapt.

Most companies look to their claim management or project management system to help them. These are critical systems for managing historical data but to proactively build for the future, you need to be able to influence positive outcomes throughout the claims process.

This requires visibility into the activities of all workers, whether staff or third parties, and being able to assess and leverage the data they capture in real time. Often these workers have heavy workloads with little time for administrative work. This complicates the efforts to drive efficiency. Defining best practices to make their lives easier, with less administrative work is important. When it’s done right, there should be a more harmonious working relationship between the claim admins and the field teams. When your field and office teams are able to work in parallel and they are confident in their decisions, you will have the ability to truly be more efficient. 

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